Lotto 649 Program with Built-in Trends

How to Get Closer to Start Winning?

1.Use an intelligent commercial Lotto Wheel Generator Program to generate winning Lotto numbers combinations.

2.Decide what type of Lotto Wheel Generator to use to generate the Lotto 649 numbers, i.e. Full Lotto Wheel or Abbreviated Lotto Wheel:
Full Wheel 6 of 6
* Apply Lotto Draw Trends
* Canada Basic Lotto Draw Trends
* UK Basic Lotto Draw Trends
* South Africa Basic Lotto Draw Trends
* Use Lotto Key Numbers
Abbreviated Wheel 5 of 6
Abbreviated Wheel 4 of 6
Abbreviated Wheel 3 of 6

3.Use statistical data to help you define which and how many numbers to use according to your selected Lotto Wheel Type.

4.Try not to change your playing strategies to get the correct lotto 649 result with every new draw. Sticking with a certain strategy over a period of time proves to be successful to get the winning Lotto numbers.



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