Lotto 649 for March 27/2002


Guess I'll start this chain.
My numbers are the same..... for now.


Remember: high sum this draw
at least two in the 40's, one in the 30's

Good Luck.


Good Day all

I am new to this forum and somewhat new to the Lotto world.
I have been looking around this site for a couple weeks, and from a "newbie" perspective it would appear that you guys have a pretty good system.

All that said, here are my two cents for the next draw:

20, 25, 31, 35, 38, 40, 41, 43, 44, 48.

Good Luck everyone


I hope 6 of these will show.

4, 7, 11, 19, 20, 25, 27, 31, 40, 43.

But if not I read somewhere....

"The greatest thrill in the world is gambling and winning, and the next greatest is gambling and losing".
Here are LottoWin's numbers

These numbers were generated from a prog called LottoWin which was made back in early 90's. However it proved deadly in picking 20 numbers for BC/49 so let me see if it's gonna do it here.
I am not playing 6/49 but just for curiosity.


Good luck to all.

hey guys,
I was wondering, what's the greatest amount of money that any one of you has ever spent on one draw??

I have this crazy thought of spending approx. $500 (approx. 2 & half months of salary from my part time job) on one draw (with full wheel system) hoping i'll win big... but i don't know.. what do you guys thinK??


Hi happypig2k,

I would advise strongly AGAINST doing that. I don't want to see your nickname change to UNhappypig2k :D
If you are determined to spend proportionally that much on the lotto you would be much better off to declare a budget and then play it slowly over many draws with the hope that you lock onto a few 3s and 4s to keep you in the race to the big win. Another suggestion if you really want to take that level of risk is to play an expensive set but do it with a pool that you form with others. Get 20 friends, students, colleagues etc. to each chip in money and then split the win! Remember we are up against almost 14 million to 1 odds in this game :)
I agree with LT

Hey Happypig2k,

Very risky, that's why you should listen to LT.
That's excatly what I am doing. Saving money to play let's say for a month in my provincial Lottery for 9 draws spending around $300.00.
By doing that, I have a chance of getting my money back or some of it or perhaps even more.
Sure if I was rich I would have played full wheeling system of 12 or so.
Good Luck.



Here are my 20. They are a new set that I'll be using for the next 10 draws.

All the Best of Lotto Luck to Everyone!


Did not have time to purchase tickets for tonight, so hopefully I don't win based on the numbers I've used the last few draws. :rolleyes:
Congratulations to the winners tonite....Picard you're still hot and running on your're good!:eek:
Now my set...LOL...LOL...LOL...that dam 17.....because as I was saying is the only number that came up tonight under 20.....
Only got 3 of my hints came up! :lol:
and another 3 draws of playing for free.....
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Thanks for those numbers dwoods. Congrats to the winners... Picard and TonyJ - 2 out of only ten on your first post of numbers ... very encouraging. Dennis 2 out of 2 hints .. very impressive!!!
Geenie and I will do better next draw. At least you got 1 out 10 Geenie .. my set was zero out of 20 !



Congrats to all the winners tonite!! I'm still waiting for BC to draw...

Dennis... you were sooo close!! Next time, right? :)
LT you had the badluck on this does happen to everyone once while....and thanks for reminding me of the new comers having 2 out of 10 on a first post is also very impressive...
When these high draws come like that...they can cluster....and I'm still going to look for a draw with all the numbers bonus included over 20 before the end of this century! :cool:
Brad said:
Congrats to all the winners tonite!! I'm still waiting for BC to draw...

Dennis... you were sooo close!! Next time, right? :)

Same as LT I hope you get something in your B.C. draw tonite Brad!
Yes! I was close...I went for 20 but I hesitated to put 20 instead of 30 or 40...same thing with 38 versus 48....
Well will get them soon!:cool:


My luck was soooo bad on this draw Dennis that I should have posted the Top 20 numbers NOT to play :D and you were right as always about the high numbers showing up!
Yes! but if we go on the other way and filter your numbers we might end up having none because I do not know many people that can say to have hit for 7 out of a set 20.....You'll get them next time LT! :agree:


Congratulations on hitting your hints Dennis - 34-43 hit hard.

I think the low will come out again for this one and then the high will hit hard again - we could see our good announcers :agree:

Watch for 8-13-31;)

My decade analysis says low teens and all the rest are in play