Lotto 6/49 April 24/02


dwoods99 said:
Winning numbers drawn tonight were...

07-22-35-36-41-49 bonus 40

No winners tonight! $5 million for Saturday :D

So the 49 finally showed up :cold:

And yep, 3rd time for 36 :p
And it matched up with 35 again from last Wednesday's draw.

Beaker, except for the bonus 40, your filter is still working :dizzy:

LT did not post his numbers, but if he kept the same ones, he got 4 + bonus. Congrats ! :agree2:
Thanks dwoods :sick: :clown:
I don't know what it is but Beaker goes through these dark periods. :cold:

The other thing I know is the worse it gets, the higher I win when I break through ... stay tuned...

Dwoods - no LD's again!! This trend won't last :uzi:


Another thing I noticed was that the 40 bonus number broke the odd number streak (7) for bonus. In the previous 15 draws, a bonus even number only showed up twice.


My apologies for not posting my usual 20 numbers. Thanks for making mention of them dwoods :agree2:
Congrats to all other winning predictions.
I always play the same set for 10 draws. Yesterday I got stuck away from the Internet until after 8 pm :cold:
Almost had withdrawal symptoms :D