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Hello LT,

After I downloaded the program I noticed for the lotto 6/49 the draws went up to Dec 5/01(1865draws) and lotto super 7 Dec 7/01(392draws). I also noticed whenever I change the configuration(quantity drawings), for instance it could vary from 0-1865 draws. The result for the statistics will always be the same. If I put in a new drawing, then the result of the statistics changes. I am confused with the forecast options.:confused: What method do you recommend or Dennis? If it is method #1, then how many lucky numbers would you pick, quantity of selections and how many check marks to leave on(up to 16)? The same thing for method #2 and #3. There is one extra option for method #2 and #3. If it is method #2 how many #'s do you recommend to produce(minimum 30#'s)? If it is method #3 what number would you recommend?

Thank you
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HI! I'm only using this software to see what numbers were announced for the upcoming draws. I never used this software to pick up the numbers for me. In some cases you can see that some numbers were announced time and time again by a perticuliar number ....but I would never let a program choose the numbers for me...The program can help to narrow down or reduce a pool of numbers from which you can choose . It is ..well kind of speak an excellent filter on its own.
Another nice feature is the pairing of the numbers, it gives me a good look at what comes mostly with what! Finally the skips (interval)interface is also another nice tool to use with this program....
From there I look at other things in the history database....and I try to find some clues to what will come....consecutives..LD's...hot-cold...high-low...odd-even...recent trends ...etc. history often provides some answers...and I'm using some other program as well to find these trends...
My golden rule is to never use only one criteria to pick or choose my numbers and never use only one program ....I haven't seen so far a single program that can analyze all the of the criterias and Lotto-analyzer is not different from that...but many programs put together are offering some interesting stats that might give us an edge...
By looking at the big picture ...I think we can hope to win more often...and I think that a big nice hit is in reach.... :cool:
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In the statistics area the lucky and unlucky numbers always show 1,2,3,4,5,6. That part of the statistics doesn't work. The pairs work and the Announcer/Announced statistics work. Numbers compilation statistics doesn't work. It reads 0 and n/a. I don't understand about the Announcer/Announced statistics. :confused:
Other then those problems I can take your advise on not to just rely on lotto programs. Maybe I can look at the past 10 draws and pick numbers from there and some favorite numbers. I can still look at pairs, the past drawings and if I understond Announcer/Announced drawings too! :)
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I have it here and the numbers compilation is a very good asset. I don't understand why it doesn't work for you because mine is working fine!
As for the announced feature...it tells you this....if we take a look at the last draw for the 6/49 the numbers were...
04-15-21-29-30-35 bonus 08
What it does is this...when you highlite lets say number 04 it tells you base on previous draws what numbers came up the most ( more often)in the very next draw...
Now by looking at all the numbers from the last 6/49 draw you will
see that some numbers are being announced by these numbers more often than others...it doesn't mean that they will all come up in the very next draw but some of them often comes....
Hope it helps!:)



Hi pitch80,

Have the same problems with the program plus some others as well. I emailed Technor re: one other bug (that's before I experienced the ones you mention), they replied it will be
fixed soon - I assume with a new download - did not say when.

Brad :(


Hi Brad,

Thanks for telling me about what is happening with the lotto program. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong or not. Now at least I know I am not alone on this. I will just have to keep trying to download it until it works.:mad:
I hope it works for you too!!