Loto Analyser - can anyone help/advise??


Hello All,
I've been trying to get to grips with the loto analyser program.

While punching in the data from past draws (I play the spanish lottery :)) ) after every 50 so draws I've been trying out the forecast functions... quite suprising in some cases but my questions are as follows:

Using the forecast option #1...

1) Given all of the possible "parameters" for the forecast required, has anyone found any of these options (or combination of these options) to give the best results? (e.g. distribution+series+pairs, etc...)

2)whenever I've put in a combination for trying to forecast a set of numbers, and this combination seems to take longer than 15 minutes, the program just gets blocked (even though I've tried to specify "no time limit" etc..). anyone else had this problem?

3) Does anyone have any idea about the lucky number feature that one has to "input" when forecasting (forecast option #1)... and is this option admissible in any way????

Well, that's for all (for the moment!)

look forward to any comments!

I would like to help you here...but I never used the software that way...the only features that I've look at are the general stats..especially the announcers features....
Maybe someone else could help you more here:confused:


Dennis, the announcers thing is nice but my data is still back to the December data you provided. Everytime I try to add draws, I get runtime errors. Maybe it's because I use Windows 2000. Do you have updated data you can post for 6/49 and Super7, to include as a download on this site ?

Beyond that, as a programmer of many years, I think the program sucks royally. It has so many deficiencies, bad colour choices, poor user interfaces, etc...
I already gave some datas to download Dwoods....and I don't have it on my computer anymore...I had to get rid of that program ...it has been 3 weeks now...I had to make place on my disk for yet another program.....so maybe some folks could help you more on this...
As far as the program itself ...the colors and look did not bother me...as long as I had the datas...:smokin:
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As for question 1, the results I would say are 50% so I don't bother using it anymore.

For question 2, when you do your options locate the window on the top right hand then put 20 in it. Cause if you leave it blank it will take forever.

Question 3, I have no idea.

Hope this helps.



Thanx for the input!

(as for the program's appearance and friendliness - it reminds me of the kind of thing I saw when I made the transition from using MS-DOS to MS-Windows 1.0 on an "amstrad -IBM-compatible" hehehehe..... even then I really only played games!)