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the ace

Does anyone have a copy of an old lotto program called Win$easy? It was a few years back written by a retired US colonel. The latest was version 8.


Hi Ace,

Well I blew off the dust of my vast collection of museum quality lotto programs and found an old friend called Win$Easy.
Win$Easy by Charles F. Mowery Jr. ... "a few years back"? ... Its ancient :) 1988 - 1996!!!
Does anyone still use DOS anymore :eek:
I have the registered version 1996 which due to copyright I cannot pass along to you :(
But I also have the 1994 shareware version that I would be pleased to get to you. Just send me an email (link at bottom of page) and I'll get a copy to you.
Just curious - why do want such a relic?


copy/paste from the site that does the selling of this program for $30.00

The WIN$EASY Lottery System
For Windows 95/98/Me/XP

Be sure to send in your registration information to the author of the program according to the instructions in readme.1st that comes with Win$easy.

In a typical 3-digit daily lottery, the odds are 999 to 1 against winning. In a typical 6/49 lotto game, the odds are 13,983,816 to 1 against winning the big prize. Every "system" for winning the lottery is designed to reduce those odds by using some method of recognizing or anticipating the trends, patterns or coincidences that occur even in random drawings. WIN$EASY is designed to help you reduce those odds by providing the analysis tools necessary for any winning system, by providing the most common number-selection methods (such as boxing and wheeling) and by providing several innovative number-selection methods of its own -- for virtually any lottery in the world.

WIN$EASY for Windows handles one-number (daily) lotteries that draw from 3 to 6 digits. The program also handles any lotto-type lottery that draws up to 22 numbers in any range from 1 up to 80, including lotto, power ball, wild card and keno lotteries and those that draw one or two bonus numbers. In addition, a limited number of features are available for any lotto-type lottery that does not conform to those limits, such as a lottery that uses the numbers 0 to 99 or that draws 25 numbers.

WIN$EASY makes playing any lottery easier and more fun by automating data maintenance, drawing analysis, number selection and matching selections with drawings to find wins. It even provides an electronic scratch pad for experimenting with lotto numbers and groups. You'll never need a pencil and paper with this program. WIN$EASY has been used by winners since 1988 in its DOS version and since 1992 in its Windows version. Regular upgrades have insured that it has kept pace with new lotteries and has included the features users wanted. It is one of the most comprehensive lottery programs available.

The primary functions in WIN$EASY are as follows:

Configure the program for use with up to 99 different lotteries, including lotto, keno, power ball, wild card and one-number (daily) lotteries, then reconfigure, add or delete lotteries or change lottery names as desired. The program comes already configured for five Florida lotteries.

Maintain a data base of the numbers drawn in each lottery, then perform a variety of different types of automated analysis of the drawings to spot trends, patterns and coincidences and see in which drawings they occurred. Drawings for five Florida lotteries are included with the program.

Use a wide variety of number-selection techniques based on drawing analysis, drawing frequency, boxing, wheeling, hot and cold number charts, permutations, play-slip patterns, sums, numerology, the zodiac, dice rolls, simulated lottery machines, and other methods, and save the selections to be played in each lottery.

Perform error-free auto-matching of your saved selections with the last drawing(s) to identify winners, and save the auto-match report.

Use the scratch pad for experimenting with lotto numbers and groups, and save them in files for later use. You can transfer numbers from other functions to the scratch pad and vice versa.

Maintain separate data bases for use by different players or for other purposes. You can keep track of two or more players' selections separately from yours.

Copy the drawings, selections, auto-match report, scratch pad files, graphs, charts and other items to a printer.

View and edit on-screen lists of all drawings, selected drawings, all selections, selected selections and other items.

Add personal selections (i.e. selections you create as opposed to ones generated by the program) to the selections file for each lottery; purge duplicate selections and, optionally, permutated duplicates; randomly delete any number of selections, or selectively delete selections based on parameters that you set; and compare your saved selections with all past drawings to see when and how often all or any part of a selection may have been drawn before.

View all documentation through an extensive on-screen, context-sensitive help function. . . . and much, much more.

(through paypal's secure server)

Please be sure to have about 3 megabytes of space in your email account to receive the file, and allow up to 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays as this is a manual process) to receive your order.

end of copy/paste

What puzzles me is the line :¨***"Be sure to send in your registration information to the author of the program according to the instructions in readme.1st that comes with Win$easy."***

I mean,why should I bother sending my reg info to the author of the program,who by the way isn`t mentioned anywhere on the site,if I am already paying in advance to receive my presumably registered copy? :dang:

the ace

Thanks for the info System13. I saw this page while trying to find the prog. It used to be a shareware version that never expired. Now somebody wants to make money on that junker. Looks like LT might have a copy, if its v.8 The rest are full of bugs.
Just remembered a few years ago I run this prog for two days to generate all 13983816 combinations. Oh dear...