longer term 7/47 discussion, attn: Beaker & Dennis Bassboss, & others..


soliciting your advice... both of you seem able to crunch numbers effectively...

have filtered the previous 5 draws, with these results:
Jan 17 - D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D
Jan 24 - B, C, C, C, C, D, E, E
Jan 31 - C, C, C, D, D, D, E, E
Feb 07 - A, B, C, C, D, E, E, E
Feb 14 - D, D, D, D, D, E, E, F

The groups to choose from look like this:
For feb 14 draw,
A - 1, 9, 12, 30
B - 5, 13, 39
C - 7, 8, 11,14,20,21,22,29,34,38,42,43,44,45
D - 2,17,18,19,25,26,28, 32,40,41, 47
E - 4,10,15 ,16,23,24,27 ,31,33,35,37,46
F - 3,6,36

i would like to play the A,B,C,D,E,F chart without further filtering of the numbers ie- do not weigh or eliminate or pick any particular number for its properties in the group, eg - " i believe in repeats, so i will pick some of the seven numbers from the last draw..".........the contents of each of A,B,C,,,,,,will change each week, but not the properties which put them there......there will be no increase in the numbers of groups, only from A to F......
and, some random observations....groups A & F this week have only 4 numbers in them....groups A, F, have come into play only 2ce since jan 17....D, which has 7 in it this week, had all the winning numbers in it jan 17 (at that time there were 12 #'s in the group)....E, which has the most numbers, has contributed to 4 of the past 5 draws, but with only 2 or 3 numbers each time....

For this draw coming up (feb21), they look like this:
A- 1,19,20,30
B -5,11,13,21,39,43,44

...all thoughts on combining these groups would be appreciated, again, keeping in mind that i would like to work only with the values of A,B,C,D,E,F,,,,,not with how their content arrived there......:idea2:
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:eek: Sorry daleks, I just saw this post. Unfortunately, I don't have my S7 database up to date so I can't comment for this one - maybe next time :bawl:

The only thing I can say for now when I look at groups is reduce the set proportionately. If you don't want to reduce the sets, then you'll have to do something really creative to play them all. :(

For example, play only 1 number from A, F.
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Dennis Bassboss said:
It is interesting Daleks....But to play them all you might have to play them by regrouping them by pair or triple...I like your idea! :agree: :agree2:
That's what I had in mind also :agree:

I would look for wheels with groupings of 3 and 4


yah, wheels are good, thank you, guys...sometimes the mind freezes up,,,,,,even in sunny B.C............did not well just this draw feb 21,,,,but will have more time for the next draw....