June 18 ,649 discussion

Beaker said:
Yes, that one is hot - but it's not repeating :no: Think I'll let that one go and then tee it up for the next one. :agree:

Seeing alot of 30's best bets :eek: I think they might miss - one at most :dizzy:

...:eek: I AGREED WITH YOU ON THAT ONE!!!!:dang:

Godload said:
I like 3 and 4 for this draw also. But that 20 looks very nice. I think that 11 may pop following that 7 last draw, and if it does that 1 may very well show up with it.
One thing I have seen with that 43 when it has popped on occaision is that although 20-43 are married, 43 seems to be having an affair with 48. It may be just me though.
I just started looking at the numbers for this draw, and my brain needs time to digest the data.

...# 11...:lol: ...:eek: :clap:


Congrats to all the winners - I see Godload played a few extra and managed to hit with his 1-11-44 :agree2:


Can't catch a friggin break with these numbers. :dang:

If any of those DN's would have hit, this would have been BIG.

Lot's of good calls on the boards for this one.

No winners and that 5 would have been nice this time $3200 :eek: