Is Their Room In This Forum For A lotto Chatroom?

Hello LT,

lottoscorp here and I see that lottotutor have a lot of patrons
who are seeking program and application exchanges.

Would there be a way we could communicate directly with one-another like in a chatroom(a lotto chatroom)?

Can you get to me on that and tell me what your veiw would be
in regards to that issue?



Hi lottoscorpio,

Thanks for your interesting idea re a chatroom. There are lots of issues associated with that concept. One is if visitors to the web site communicated via chat in real time exchanging program and application info, there would be no record or archive left for the other members and guests to become aware of the information. For example lets say that a member comes across a good lotto wheel and wants to share with others .. well in a chat format the only other members that could benefit from the wheel info would only be those members that were on the chat at exactly the same time. Just think of the bulletin board as a "slow" chat that archives all of the info for the benefit of members and visitors connecting at future times :)

Yet,We Cannot Exchange Or Display Our Emails?

I just want to make sure I have it correct,if I want to display a
direct but personal message to anyone,evryone in this forum
will be able to access a personal statement including you(LT)
written by me?

At the sametime,we cannot display our emails on this forum?

Whereas,it is clear what the content of material on this forum,
will be and like a chatroom all will be able to see?

I don't mean to create anything out of the ordinary or cause
any strife...I just need to know.



Hi lottoscorpio,

Yes .. if my understanding of your understanding is correct :) then you are right.
Maybe you could help me understand why you wish to type/talk/chat with other members in a private way?

The rules are:
<< Do Not Post email addresses, ICQ, Aim, Yahoo Messenger, etc. info. Do Not Post off topic or affiliate ad links. Please feel free to post direct links to legitimate lottery sites that may be of benefit to other members. Be courteous and respectful to other members. Above all ... Have Fun and let's see someone win the Big Jackpot! >>

You are correct that if any member wishes to direct a message or comment to any other "specific" member then all members could read it and also add to the conversation. This happens in most of the threads in these forums. Members message each other directly and other members can also put in there comments as well. For example Brad and Comboman play the BC 649 and they communicate with each other but all can read the exchange and if some other member has something to offer like a new database for that particular lottery then they could post in the thread as well thus benefiting all involved both at the present and also archived for helping future guests and members.

I should also note that the posts have to be at least vaguely in the topic of lottery. Lengthy threads about breeding chiclids might be more appropriate for an aquarium bulletin board :)

Hope this helps to clarify
Ok...I've read your response,I understand to the fullest of terms.

Would LT have a problem if I were to invite other members to
join me in another lotto related forum where info exchanges can
take place and without violating LT's control on advertising or,
promoting anything that would jeopardize their membership or


Hi lottoscorpio,

Yes that would be a problem.
Thank you for asking about that issue prior to posting a link to another forum.

Why is it exactly that you need to communicate with members here in a covert way?
by having a chat room set up which btw would not allow you privacy as all who were online at that time could all view the chat, or by taking members from a proprietorial database owned by this site to another forum?
Maybe I'm wrong but from reading your other thread it sounds like you wish to sell a lottery product to people and therefore need their email addresses to essentially spam them? Or maybe you are the operator of a lottery forum that does not get any traffic and you wish to steal the traffic from this active site? Or maybe you are a legitimate and ethical lottery software developer in need of input from lottery enthusiasts regarding your product development?
In regards to the first two speculations .. those are some of the reasons why there is no access to members email addresses.
In regards to the legitimate lottery software developer theory then you should know that while I personally am not engaged in the development of my own software, there are members here who are software developers so if you are worried about the security of your intellectual property I would advise not posting your alogrithums on this or any other bulletin board.

lottoscorpio .. you have initially approached getting what you want in a sideways fashion. You posted asking for the possibility of a chat room addition when really what you wanted was the personal contact info of members via chat or via drawing them to another forum.

Be honest, overt, up front, direct etc. What is it exactly that you need and why does it have to done secretly and in private?
If you have a legitimate and ethical goal then maybe we can figure out a work around that will get you the help you want and also be able to do that within the boundaries of these forums.
If it is not a legitimate and ethical goal then you are of course free to spam or steal from other bulletin boards that do not enforce similar membership rules.

Hello Again LT,

You are most kind and I admire your quick- return responses.
The Programs I have would require instant or immediate back and
forth responses and I do understand your wanting to and having
to protect those in this forum from all illegal activity in regards to
products and programs.What I am doing is making sure all regs
are clear so I know whether or not to unleash any material on the

However,I have decided not to, based on your arrangement of
this forum and as for me having a website,I do not and I am not
looking for any monetary gain or I would have specified that.
So,I am concerned that the material I would have placed on here
would lack the proper support it would need to aid those(including
you)who would benefit most from it.

I have researched and studied the lotteries since August 1979.
My approach to playing is totally different from anything that is
conventional and is in this forum,other forums or even on the
market,this day(not to brag).The onething those software-wheels
do not have is a playing philosophy with a magnetic attraction.
Sure there are ways around things but with most games,players
are taught how to play,as well as the rules.

I am sure,when people win,all that matters is what's on the winning ticket.In the same note when they lose,they assess what
they didn't do verses,what they should have done verses,what
they may want do in the future.

The lottery only taught you how to mark off the numbers and
maybe even pick the number of days you may want to play but,
No one ever taught you how to play( losses exceptional but
minimal).The software wheels cannot do that for you.But then
again...they weren't meant to.