Is it skill or luck

I been seeing a lot of messages about software and Playing lucky Numbers.....My question is "Isn't all Lotto’s determined by small balls that fall out of a machine". If this were right then why would all these people be wondering about software and lucky numbers?

The only way I think you can beat the lotto is through combinations..."correct me if I am wrong". I play Super 7,649,wild 5 and occasionally Atlantic Keno.

Keno seems to be the best way to win...Like everybody else I would enjoy winning a 2 million dollar jackpot on 649 but with keno it seems you can clearly win one or two hundred dollars a week easily by choosing 4/20 with a $2 bet.

I am new to the lotto life so if my views are messed up compared to all other player forgive me. I play no more the $20 a week. Until I win.

If any one got any good tips for keno please let me know. I have one more observation....There are two kinds of people I hate to see win jackpots...."Dumb a$$ rednecks" and "People that are already finically set in life".

Remember that the Karma police are always watching, so if you win you must share with family, friends and the poor. It’s only fair.

Darth Lotto


Being from the redneck Province, plse explain to me , exactly what is a "Dumb A$$ Redneck" ????? Peter.
Mister Darth Lotto....maybe these people you hate to see winning are just skilled people???

I don't mind seeing poor or rich or you name it, win... lets call it " the democraty of the draws" rich ,poor,lonesome, you name it long as someone wins ....but I hate to see draws with no winners....

You have the choice to go for 200$ a week or winning a big one time only.....lets call it " the democraty of choices " no pattern is better than the other one as long as you enjoy every minute of it...

It is a fun game lets keep it that way....And good luck to you !

Pete, I don’t consider any Province to be a Specific redneck Province, but if you consider Alberta to be one that is your prerogative.

What I mean about "Dumb A$$ rednecks" are the people that will only pi$$ the money away and not consider that this great amount of money that they have come into can make life more enjoyable by investing in their children’s education and well being, by helping their families and others.

I feel that the Saying "It's better to give then to receive" should be the motto of all lotto winners.

Darth Lotto
Mr.Bassbosss you are right to say that is a game, and everyone should enjoy it but deep down I hope that the people that win are people that deserve it. What do you mean these people are skilled? What lotto’s do you play.

And good luck to you
Darth Lotto
I play all the Lotto that I like .... but if you read through these post you'll know what I'm should start reading all my posts under the Keno threads you'll understand more ....but I do not limit my playing to only one lottery....I also play 6/49,Super 7 ...and others too...

I already said what I would do if I win a huge jackpot...and I disagree with you on helping family members from money earned by playing lottery....(of course I might buy them some lottery tickets) the research to cure sickness that are afflicting lots of people is and would be where my money would go( besides a few $$$$$$$ to my good friend is the best gift that anyone could get...
The best lesson in life is life that I mean that helping children education and stuff is not teaching them the reality of life...:eek: