Ignore lists


Just a couple of thoughts to ponder, but if everyone puts everyone else on an ignore list, pretty soon we would all be ignoring each other.
P.S. to Combo man, if you have someone on ignore, how would you know if they talk to much, unless you read those posts, just wondering.
Sure has been alot of pettiness and sniping going on around here lately.



I'm all for being civil to every member here as respect for other peoples’ opinions and their right to express them is important and for the most part exercised on this board. I’m in favour of being able to openly disagree or discuss differences without being patronizing, derogatory or hostile.
Ideally we should all get along and communicate effectively, in reality that’s not always so. It is hard to imagine there will not be occasional problems when such a diverse group of people interacts.
Some statements may be misunderstood or badly composed but those can be corrected with patience and diplomacy. Some members are better at this than others, which is to be expected especially when one considers the medium we use to express our thoughts.
There can also be problems of perception affected by extraneous circumstances. A comment that may go unnoticed one day might seem wrong or abrasive at other times, … etc …

Personally I have managed to weather a few encounters so far by either questioning or explaining what was meant, laughing off mistakes or by simply overlooking what I thought could have been insults, etc.
However when I feel I'm being lectured or put down, for no good reason, I will speak out and let the other person know what I think. Would expect no less if someone feels I have offended him or her in anyway. I may not react the same way others would and may say things others would not, or leave to cool off for a while but I'm available if there’s a need for further discussion.

If you think I'm being petty or sniping let me know, same goes for Gilles although he's said nothing so far. I took exception to the way he composed his post and reacted. In hindsight I should have said nothing and signed off first. This is not an apology, rather an explanation, as I think his post could have been worded differently but if anyone thinks otherwise I’m willing to listen.


Some ppl here talk too much by not being productive....Also annoying posts...So I just put them on ignore...I really have no time to read crappy stuff ot get involved between 2 ppl fighting for supremacy etc etc.....
Take care and let's hope We can win something decent on a regular basis like Ben and Maggie...


To Brad

Sorry if I offended you, but:

1 - You did post wrong data as Beaker pointed out later, not me.

2 - Whenever somebody posts something, I assume he takes full responsibily for his post. I will accept comments when my posts contain wrong information (yes it happened, ask DB about it).

3 - The comment GARBAGE IN ===> GARBAGE OUT was not directed specifically to you but a reminder in general. And if GH is so good and the input data is wrong, what does that say about the results.

So cheer up.


Thanks Gilles, I'm OK now, as I said before maybe I overreacted.

Guess what got me was that I did warn in the previous post there could be errors in the data base. Since I use CN 6/49 data infrequently I don't monitor it as much and tend to rely on ws downloads, hence the 'heads up'.
For BC49 I maintain the data myself and check it for accuracy often as I agree with you it's useless having erroneous data.
When Beaker pointed to the errors it helped me locate them, and I think that's one of the benefits of stats exchange on this board.

Anyway, on the positive side now, I learned how to compare GH's whole history with official BCLC numbers much more quickly (using Excel btw). Found 3 numbers were incorrect with 2 of those skewing the data I posted.
I emailed GH techs to advise them of that and a few other unrelated errors I found, and they were greatfull enough to mail me free prog upgrades and a Lottery Master Guide book so this story has a happy ending :D

GH is not the 'end all be all' lotto prog, which one is? It has it's good points though, even if it does present some stats in a different fashion,


ps. Peter, you'd make a good moderator ;)