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bubbles said:
:wavey: hi beaker,i,m bubbles could u tell me the website for the software lottoman.thank-u:) :wavey:

Hi bubbles and welcome. I don't believe you can purchase the Lottoman software anymore. My understanding is that the developer, Scott Piel, sold his company to someone that was going to continue the product but I'm not sure anything came of that.

You may be able to find a shareware version somewhere - at one point this was available.

If you are searching the web try "Scott Piel" "Mr Luckys Lottoman" "Lottoman" "Lighthouse Engineering"

Hope this helps bubbles

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Lottoman download

For what it's worth...

Found a site with Lottoman v1.38 (disk1 of 5)
at ...haven't found the other 4 disks yet :dang:
The site has lots of other lotto software downloads, some very 'old'- dating back 10 yrs or more...may be of interest to someone.

If my url doesn't go direct , click Contents-Archives-DOS-Fun&Games-Gambling-page4...#168
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Snides said:
......To all who care:

Currently I do not need any more systems or ideas, I am flooded with them.. All i need now is time to tie them together and create my own wheeler. I have a personal goal of attaining 2 jackpots per year, and with the information i have created already I know I can accomplish that.
I wish you all luck in your endeavours and hope you do well with your ideas.

is that even possible???
attaining 2 jackpots per year???


I believe it is HappyPig, and I will do it.. You have to believe in yourself, the moment you start doubting yourself is the moment you might as well give up, and that's something I shall not do.


Analysing of Numbers

Hi Lt,

Whant to ask if it is possible to put me
in contact with my country men Henl01, please!!!!!!!!!!!
it is very important.




Re: Analysing of Numbers

Hi Smitters,
It is not possible to do that.
Best bet is to post a message for Henl01 in Q and A or Anything Goes and then when he reads the post he can respond back.
happypig2k said:

I agree w/ ComboManiac's comment in the other post about GillesD & DennisB..

Personally, I don't think anyone here is more superior than anyone else or stuff like that..... everyone here I believe they're about the same.... after all, no one has hit the jackpot yet or no one's been hitting consistanly...

I agree 100% here..and it doesn't change the fact that my hints have hit more time than any player so far...

Personally, I value Dennis' Hint hint.. but then Dennis' not winning consistently either... so in a way, the "hint hint", imo, is kinda useless.....

Why do you value my hints if they are so useless???

I don't think we should be judging who is better by looking who gets more hints correctly..... I think we should be judging it by looking who is actually EARNING MORE MONEY in this game... like, in terms of, how much spent & how much won........because, if one gets 5 numbers right, and he gets say, $1500, yet $2000 is spent, then I don't it makes him a succesfful winner even tho he gets 5 numbers right, cuz, $500 is lost....

I do not see what money has to do with my hints hitting more than anybody's hints so far???

since ppl. have difference of opinion in who's better or stuff like that.... why not open another thread and indicate the money spent & the money won for every draw... and each month we can see who's actually winning & stuff like that.....
I remember Dennis once said this this is a game to him... money is just a side thing... then let's make this game more interesting then :agree:

I'm not interested in money talk...I play and wheel many different lotteries in many different ways...And it has nothing to do with predicting the correct numbers or hints to come....:dang:

Start by Posting your numbers first! :lol: :king:
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Dennis is probably too old for this lotto game

Dennis Bassboss said:

I'm not interested in money talk...I play and wheel many different lotteries in many different ways...And it has nothing to do with predicting the correct numbers or hints to come....:dang:

Start by Posting your numbers first! :lol: :king:


I can understand that you're old, which means you stopped being a student since a long time ago...... what I don't understand is.. how the heck did you get to become a teacher???

when I said "I value your hint hint"... I was just being modest.. okay??? -_-||.. If I am as cocky as you are, I wouldn't have posted my opinions toward your actions...

geez.... sigh...
you know what??? if you wanna be cocky & stuff.. you're on... right now, I don't have the time since BCIT has a very intense schdule + it's my 2nd year.... however, i'm still using that little bit of time that i have every week to collect the data that i need... I believe I should have the data done by Dec.... if not, maybe by the end of Dec... and then, once I start posting my picks.. you'll realize that you're too old for this game.... and your past years of studying lotto are worthless compare to my 6 months...

By the way, if I talk like a monkey, then you must be the old monkey here

:agree: :D
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