try it at home...blah.....


what are they selling.....hehe

it is easiest to do that with poker chips....tump


....but you never know.....

....and I hope that this will not be treated like spam because it is not.....this shows how much funny things you can find out there on Internet....

enjoy it



I've often wondered... if the jackpot winner wins purely by their believing in winning, than the event of winning becomes a battle of psychic energy, so the jackpot winner has the stronger belief since they produced the winning numbers. & if there's no winner than people of equal and opposing psychic energies controled only part of the numbers instead of all of them. So, one would have a better chance to win with lower jackpots since less people would be sending their psychic energy to the winning moment.

Pretty far out there man.... :pimp: :smokin: :nuts: