Happy Birthday Sheba !!!


Happy Birthday Sheba :birthday: :gift: :party:

As the oldest active member on these forums (with the exception of myself) I want to wish you the absolute best on your natal day as well as all other days :agree2:
For clarification Sheba is not the "oldest" in cronological terms :D but she is the longest participating member of these forums. She was the 7th member to sign up and has consistently participated in this community since April 4 1999. (The forums began on March 29 1999)
Today is a good day to thank you for all of your contributions to these lottery forums and wish you all the best on your birthday :yes:



Happy Birthday:birthday:

Enjoy :birthday: Sheba!!! :dog:
:chug: :party:

And I would also like to say a big thank you Sheba for your contributions to this community - you will win soon. :clap: :agree:
All the best to you Sheba ! Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday to you! And many thanks for your contributions to this forum! :agree2: :gift: :party: :party2: :birthday: :birthday: And you will get that
Super 7
soon Sheba...Trust me!


Thanks LT
Thanks Brad
Thanks Ben
Thanks Florie
Thanks Breaker
Thanks dwoods
Thanks Dennis Bassboss
Thanks luckystrike

Thank you all so very much!


:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)