Group win - 6/7 in lotto max


My group at work managed to score 6 numbers and just over 7 grand a few weeks ago. Split up, we each won about $500.

We were off by a lot on the 7th number but only 2 digits for the bonus which would have paid out almost $500,000. (approx $30,000 each).

We are now just waiting for the cheque to arrive after having taken time to fill out all the paperwork for the OLG. I cant stop thinking about how close we all were to splitting the 40 million jackpot. I could have been retired.

Whats the closest youve gotten to a significant lotto max prize?


That sounds about right. 6 of 7 in lotto max is third prize as well. Youd need the bonus number with the 6/7 to get second prize which is usually in around 400,000-$500,000.

Lotto max is first Canadian marketed BIG lotteries, its its pots are higher. In the standard 649 game, 5 of 6 without the bonus pays out around $1,000 so its about even with what your pay outs are.

Good luck in the next draw whatever you play!!!