Free Australian Lotto Tickets


Hey guys!

Found this new lotto site:

Click on the orange "sign up now" button at the very top of the page. Plug in your details and in the "promotion code" field put:


You get $5.00 australian for free.

There's a superdraw coming up on the 8th of November and a couple of jackpots this week (6th Oct).
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Hey this could be a good idea to form a syndicate.

We each logon to the website get the $5 freebie and then we put it all together and make up some combinations.

hmm $5 x 2200 members.

What do you guys think?........Yes.

Havent checked the site myself yet so I dont know if you can the $5 picking your own numbers.


Hi Irvin,

I'm one of the developers of the website. I've never been into lotteries until I started work here, but it's really interesting! :) We have a running argument in the office if the combination 1 2 3 4 5 6 is more/less likely to come up than a random one.

The website doesn't have syndicates available right now, but I'm working on it as we speak! :)

If you can hold on for a week or so it should be finished and uploaded. You can create your own syndicates, join others, and have private syndicates as well!

I'd love to have you test it out if you are willing.

Thanks for your time.



Hello Richard :wavey:

You have come to the right place if you want something tested and I'll personally give it a shot.

And its good to see a developer here.

You will find a few other developers here on this site.

Suggest you take a look around.

Always had an interest in the Aussie lotteries and play them a bit.

The Saturday lottery is better than the NZ lotto.



PS. Welcome aboard


Thanks Irvin,

I'll post a message here when the syndicates are ready to test. Next up is Reduced Systems (Wheeling) which should be good.

Saturday lotto is probably the most popular one in Australia (my Mum plays it religously!). The Superdraws (10-30 Million) are great! Though so many people play, a division one winner often has to share the jackpot with more people than other lottos (I'm picky... :) ... when I win I want it all! ;)

My current pet project is figuring out a way to cover the most number of combinations within a certain percentage of outcomes. This has probably been answered before, but it's an interesting mathematical problem for me.

Thanks again for the welcome, I'll give you a bell when the syndicate code is ready for testing! In the meantime I'll go back to lurking the posts in the other areas.




If you look in the section "free lotto stuff" at the bottom of this page you will find a selection of wheel programmes and links.

Suggest you take a look at the link to Peters wheels and download Cover Master to do a Cover test on the wheels.

Nick Koutras also has some great stuff to use if you have access to MS Excel.

I use his LottoDesignerXL programme.

Excellent for listing constraints.

There are a few members here who are good on the maths side of things and can answer your questions.

Hope that helps.



Off to bed now its 12:40am Tuesday morn. Were in daylight saving mode now so we are 3 hrs ahead of you (Sydney).

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hi there,

count me in any big syndicate.

I live in oz and my fave game is the pools. 6 /38 . its not popular and takes a while to build a jackpot worth winning. but can get to the stage where jackpot is larger than the cost of covering every combination he he. not that i consooder that a viable options as If i had enough to cover every combination i wouldnt need to play the lotto.

anyhow i'll join any team of lotto649ws members if thats a goer lemme know


savagegoose said:
ok i joined and got my $5 in account, lemme know when were gonna do a BIIIIIIG wheel he he

Just a quick update on what's happening:

Reduced Systems (Wheeling) has been added to Saturday Lotto and Powerball. They will be added to all the lotteries when we have the time.

I've been distracted from Syndicates for a few days doing some cool stuff ...will let you all see when it's done! :)

Stay tuned guys, we'll organise a big syndicate soon! :agree2:


lets get this baby rolling tell all your pals to jump in and lets win this sucker.
this looks like a day to enter

AUD$ 18,000,000.00
on Saturday 14th February

70c a ticket

so 7 lines each


A really nice and interesting topic, don’t know how I missed it :confused:….. probably I was saying that
before somewhere at this forum, but it doesn’t matter , will repeat again that IMHO Australian Saturday, Wednesday and Monday lotto games are the world’s most exciting games considering all the facts a lottery
fan might look for… economical , nice prizes, ball machines, possible rollovers, and still realistic odds…. Good to
know it is possible playing such nice games online ….


It is a very nice Site!

Now, There is a mini Syndicate.
If you invite a friend , you and your friend will receive one ticket for the Powerball. Each will get one ticket, for a total of Two tickets for a 50/50 division.

Imagine , 2200*2 = 4400 Free Tickets!
To bad that most Forums and Boards are against Syndicate invitations ... You can't chose the combination of the Mini Syndicate (two persons , two FREE tickets).

Anyway, the $5 bonus if Free to use. It is possible to use your favorite combination. $4.40 = Four Powerball tickets . 2200*4 = 8800 FREE TICKETS!