For international players!!!

All of you international players...I have a feeling that I let you down....Playing Canadian lottos lately...
And hitting for 5 and 6 in Super 7....And clinching a nice hit in Banco...And some awesome hits in 6/49...
But don't worry soon I'll post some dandies for your various lottos too...
:lol: :clown: :agree2:


Thats alright Dennis.

I dont mind that NZ lotto is 18 hours ahead of you guys.

And AUS is 16 hours ahead.

We will give you the winning numbers for the Can 649 based on NZ, AUS, Sth Africa, UK.

Now thats what I call an international effort. :thumb:

PS. 10hrs 30 min to go before the NZ draw when I posted this.


Here are the results for Nov 8;

NZ: 12 13 25 27 36 39 B05 B38
OZ: 06 11 24 37 40 42 B12 B27
SA: 03 05 08 32 34 37 B21
UK: 02 12 33 39 45 48 B29