fipper not posting delta numbers


Fipper you got it all wrong. Delta numbers are not going to change my way of picking my numbers. I have done fair myself,
4 5-6
48 4-6
and who cares how many 3-6. the thing is This is not a braging board or place. Most of us have one thing in common is we like to play lotto. It was nice talking to you, it is too bad we don"t have anything to talk about.

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Well said.
I saw the site on delta numbers more than 6 months ago and calculated all delta numbers since Lotto 6/49 started.
I expect that if I randomly generate 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and calculate the delta numbers, I would get the same distribution of delta numbers as if I generate delta numbers using the rules indicated. This should be done on many combinations to be statiscally significant.
Also to understand the delta theory will take about two readings.