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<<< ad link deleted ... your legitimate comments are welcomed. Your ads are not. >>>
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I don't understand

I honestly don't understand ... this MLM (multi level marketing) thing :rolleyes:

cbarrand has posted an affillate ad link. Her link has been deleted.
This is the same type ad that SickSystems posted earlier that was deleted. Must be the latest scam going around the internet as I have seen the same garbage on other places.
SickSystems placed his ad on another lottery discussion place, only to receive this response from the associated moderater.
"We only discuss the lottery in << discussion area >> and have nothing to do with affiliate programs whether they include a lottery aspect or not. Please remove << discussion area >> from your list of places to advertise. Further such ads will be reported as affiliate spam."

I have left the post (minus the link) so visitors can see what is being touted. No one is going to spend $50 a month on garbage like that.
What I don't get is: how do the people that post this stuff expect that other netizens will be fooled by it?
It takes a while on their part to join the scam program, then go out on the Internet and spam it wherever they can only to have it deleted everywere. What's the purpose? :confused:



I think that what you have here are people temporarily (I hope) blinded by the promise of quick and easy profits, which can impart the intelligence of a door knob. I wish for their sake that they come to their senses before spending more money on this pie-in-the-sky brainwash. :sick:

Don Lepre et al. are masters at exploiting this human trait ... he's your fave, isn't he? ;)

... just my $.02 worth ($.032 Cdn :lol: )
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