Beaker you asked if Jennifer had any problems with EBay?

I don't know about her, but I'm an EBay addict. Anything and everything you could ever want (and gabillions of stuff you don't) you can find on there if you look for long enough. Just be careful with some stuff you buy. Like if it's used, understand that it'll really be used. Like I wouldn't buy used socks or used underwear from EBay. Make sure you read the fine print, ALL of it. Sometimes the *made in a foreign country* stuff can be total crap, keep that in mind. I bought a pair of boots that were made in China, and they looked like it too. I couldn't tell from the pics but they were CHEAP. Like the sole was one big molded piece of plastic. Sure, they're leather, but......

Especially make sure the seller will deliver to Canada. Lots of sellers won't & Don't be afraid to email a question to the seller. Out of about 100 things I've bought, I only had maybe 5 problems. & Each person worked it out with me just fine.

Most of the lotto software I've seen on EBay has been cheap. Like $5-$10. I did buy one once and I didn't like it cuz the database was outdated, (by 2 years) with no way to update it except by hand. & THAT"S the biggest problem with a software. IMO. Just keep in mind tons of stuff on EBay is cheap junk, if it looks like it might be cheap, it prob is.


Thanks for tha Rebeckah :agree2: I think I would be leary :worry: buying SW from ebay :no: but as you say you must find a reputable seller :notme: