does anybody really know what time it is


because when i sign on the very official time at the bottom ,right now tells me that all times are GMT -8 hours and then tells me the current time is 8:21, for example right now.....and then i look at my wall clock and it says the time here is 1:21 (PST), and my little cell phone clock which knows everything more than i do tells me that GMT time currently is 9:21.......i live on island time and don't believe in ferries, but, heck, if we can send a man to the little phone also tells me the current time is 09:29 in Fiji, that i would already be one day older if i were there, and the temperature is like really hot there so i would not care....
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"does anybody really know what time it is"

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You are right...As this little story would tell you....
The owner of a bar receives a phone call at 1 o'clock ....
A Halfway drunk guy says to him..''Tell me please sir at what time does your bar open?''
Very politely the owner says ''At 8 o'clock tomorrow morning sir'' and he goes back to sleep....
3 hours later the phone rings again and you guess it right it is the same guy calling again but this time he seems to be getting really drunk...'' Sir at what time does your bar open?''
The owner is turning red and says '' I already told you the bar will be open only at 8 A.M. tomorrow morning don't call me back again'' And the owner goes back to sleep...
2 hours later the phone rings again...And yes it is the same character calling again... But this time he is overdrunk
'' PPPPLEASE TELLL MEEee at what time does your bar open''
The owner is in rage he is full of anger...He says'' Even if you keep calling up until 8 O'clock you won't get in before that is-it clear to you now?...The guy stops the owner there saying ...
'' Yes but I don't want to get in I want to get out''
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