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I have relized that this game is too hard to win on, so I just may not pick any more numbers and just go with 1 insta pick.....try my luck (or non luck is more like it) :confused: this way for a while and see if I can get a winner..
I had no numbers out of the 12 I picked so I am going to have to win on some other game...like WILD 5..... :lol:

Have a nice day and hope someone we know is a winner....:agree2: :wavey:


Hi Sheba

I dont know if this may help but what I notice is that alot of numbers on the following draws will either be 1 higher or 1 lower and you will nearly always get a hot number that will repeat itself.
I dont post all the numbers I combine because I do groups , but most draws I will get free tkts and always be off by 1 to get more :heul: this i agree is the real hard part but hey if it were that easy everone would win big right??:D Dont give up it always fun to compare notes with other lotto players :)


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We Do win 4/6 and some here got 5/12 once I believe.
We play Combinations all the time.
I stopped playing Combo for S7 cause it needs more money. So I put my concentration on the Provincial Lottery and I do win 3/6 many times plus very few 4/6 like you..
The next step for us here is to win 5/6 or better.
BTW you are not supposed to put our email here. The Mod will delete it.