Birthday Bets


Everyone who purchases a lottery ticket is playing a lottery system whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Even the individual who buys a Lotto 649 quick pick is playing a system that improves his or her chances of winning the lottery based upon how many tickets they choose to purchase for their system. The lottery player that selects just one 649 quick pick for each draw is playing a random selection system providing the player with odds of 1 in 13,983,816. The odds for this system are improved simply by purchasing more and more quick picks providing more and more chances to win with the randomly selected number sets. This system is very inefficient and obviously expensive for an individual to play if they wish to have numerous chances to win the jackpot. Consider this system to be labeled as "hazardous the the lottery player's wealth."
It is prudent to play less expensive, more effective systems for successful lottery wagering.
There are probably as many systems for lottery number selection and play as there are lottery players that give thought to predicting their "lucky numbers". Some Lotto 649 players write all 49 digits, or just their pool of special numbers, onto poker chips or pieces of paper, place them in a hat and them reach in to select the various combinations of six numbers for filling in their betting slips. Others mark their lottery ticket selection boxes to form religious symbols or certain patterns on their ticket boards. Some select numbers from a deck of cards to predict the winning draw results in the upcoming lottery. I have even heard of a person that rubs his young son's head while quickly writing down the numbers that are subsequently uttered by the child.
Whatever your particular method is for the divination of lucky lottery numbers, I'll bet that you have used the numbers of your birth date on at least several occasions.
Not to diminish from the fact that your natal day should be the best and most rewarding day of the year for you … in the area of lotto wagering, your birth date numbers have very little chance of providing you with a lottery birthday present.
Picking lotto numbers from birth dates starts you out on a disadvantaged path for playing the lottery. Because the month and day birthday numbers are limited to the digits 1 to 12 and 1 to 31, your selections within numerical tens groupings exclude the numbers 32 to 49 and bias your ability to cash in on potential winning hits in over one third of a 649 Lottery's numbers. Even if you did win an upper tier lotto prize you would have a higher probability of a diminished return by sharing that prize pool with more winners than other number selection choices because so many other lotto players also use their birthday numbers as well.
Let's select anyone's birth date and check out their potential for wins. Why don't we take for example, a former Prime Minister of Canada - Brian Mulroney's birthday and see how many ticket's Brian would have cashed in if he had counted on his birthday numbers to provide him with winning returns in Canada's Lotto 649. On second thought let's use someone else's birthday. Brian's numbers are bound to be losers and we don't want to bias the results of this exercise :)
Instead lets use the birth date of Elvis Presley and see how many times the numbers in his birth date have been drawn together in winning combinations since the beginning of Lotto 649 on June 12, 1982 until May 27, 1998.
The "King" was born on January 8, 1935. The basic number combinations available from his birth date are 1 for January, 8 for the day, 19 and 35 for the year. Elvis would be disappointed if he had counted on the numbers of his birthday to produce cash able ticket combinations in Canada's Lotto 649.
In the entire 1497 draws of this Lotto 649 example, the numbers 1, 8, 19 and 35 have only been drawn 11 times in combinations of 3 (the minimum numbers required for a win) and have never appeared all together, forming an opportunity of a 4 number winning ticket, in any draw in the entire history of Lotto 649.
Well, it is a 6 out of 49 draw so let's add a couple of more numbers and see how much Elvis would have won using his 6 birthday numbers.
19 + 35 = 18 ... and ... 1 + 8 + 19 + 35 = 63 ... 6 + 3 = 9
So let's add the numbers 18 and 9.
For the same Lotto 649 draws, the additional two birthday numbers did not help out the winning returns very much. These six numbers formed combinations to produce only 5 winning tickets of 4 number combination prizes and just 37 winning tickets of 3 number level pay outs over 1497 draws or a 16 year period of Lotto play.
Elvis Presley's birthday does not contain particularly unlucky numbers nor does your birthday nor maybe even Brian Mulroney's ... but birthday number selections of any date do not provide a good chance of generating wining number combinations for lottery wagering.
As an alternative to using the numbers of your birthday you would be much better off choosing only numbers that have been drawn in the last ten draws. Even with this simple suggestion, your chances of having a winning return will be much better on every Lotto day ... including your birthday :D

Just brigging this on top...Because in the last 2 6/49 draws...we saw birthday's draws...But at the same time the birthday's numbers of the other king(Elvis...not me)01,08,19,35...Have still never been drawn together in 6/49... :agree: