BC, ON, QC 49 Sept 21/02 PICKS

Pairing numbers


I would put the numbers let's say like 6-7-24-29-35-39-44-48
let's say this is AW 8 which takes only 4 lines to fullfill the serotic method. I just try to predict the right positioning of numbers to show up. And of course I would be hoping that 24-29-44 would show so I get more than I invested.
And if let's say 6-7-44-48 show up then I am guaranteed at least $50.00. This is of course on top of the other 8 lines I would add to the serotic method.
But if 6-24-44 show up then I would get only $10.00 from the serotic plus whatever matched from the regular 8 lines I added on.

I forgot the whole purpose of this is IF 6-7-35-39-44-48 show up then I win the JACKPOT and the same goes with AW 10 or 12 etc etc.


I see how you get the lines and all that but say for the sake of an argument that 6+48 hit together more often than most pairs, would you consider pairing them ... as well as doing the same for the rest of the nrs. That would at first glance seem to throw the system out of whack but the end result would be the same as if the nrs were paired sequentially. Wouldn't it?

Or is that what you meant by "I just try to predict the right positioning of numbers to show up" ... ?
CAn't pair 6 and 48

Can't do that Brado cause there is nothing after 48.
Example :

numbers drawn were 03-06-08-15-17-21
My AW 10 was 03-09-15-17-22-25-30-32-48-49
I would be in luck cause I got 15 and 17 paired together so it's a matter of positioning which is hard cause in most winning cases numbers are scattered not "close together".
That's why the best thing to do is to play FW. Of course the serotic method is included in the 84 lines of Combo 9
Dennis and the others don't like that method cause you have to be lucky and get your winnings in pairing method.
BTW we can't do this method with Odd combo like 9,11,13 etc etc UNLESS we play for example serotic method of 8 numbers within the AW 9 selected then we have to balance the abandoned 9th numbers. Just a headache.
RE: Serotic Method....The best way is still by far to pair up the announced numbers.....you won't hit all the time but you'll hit many times.... :lol:


Where is Shuswap ? I am not good in BC Geographie :lol:
After 3 months finally we have a 500,000.00 Winner.


That would be Salmon Arm area, north of Vernon east of Kamloops, about half way between Vanc and Calgary on the Trans Can Hwy ... lots of little towns, lakes, houseboats, etc. ... nice area.
Which Lott did the $500k come from?

Did you forget about it already ?
4/4 out of 99 OUCH but it's way better than our LOTTO but as you know it's quickpicks.