BC/49 for August 21!

Thanks Dennis

No need to put too much effort on Bc/49 from your side. Instead get that Quebec/49.
Brad and I have to do that.
Question here, do you get that Annoucer stuff off Lotto-Analyzer or other ?
I'm using a couple of programs Combo....for the single announcers I use Lotto-Analyzer...For the double announcers I also have some others that help me search quickly... I have told to people of Lotto-Analyzer to work on a program to search for double announcers and triple announcers...I'm still waiting for their reply ...I have also told Peter from Peter's wheels the same thing and yet no response from there also..but that LottoMaster is something else....and that one can do it all in itself.. providing that you feed him of course..there might also exist some others that can perform the task...I know of some people using exell to do it or some VB programs could do it too...I suppose that Goswinus program could also with his homemade program written in CC+.... :agree2:
6 numbers only hahaha

I thought it was gonna give us let's say 9-10 numbers .
I guess I am greedy :D
BTW numbers 4,5 are on my list cause they have been dead for ages :agree:


As a new female member to this forum and not very good at computing could anyone please give any tips as to downloads etc... I have been doing different lotteries for the past 5/6 years with no success. I have had a number of 3's and a couple of 4's.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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First I have 2 questions for you so I can reply.
1- Which Lottery do you play ?
2- What is your budget ?

Download Lottery Director ( LDIR) it's a very good program like Winhunter and free too :agree:

Re: enjoy

ComboManiac said:

enjoy and bring back some cake with IceCream for me :D
Frankly I just hope I could have...but I am honest and I did not assist to any party yesterday ..I was more in a meeting here in my neighbourghood for professionnal purposes...
O:K: LottoMaster gave me these 12 for next BC draw...
...will see!!!


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Thank you for your reply. I put on 10 lines per draw twice a week. I usually stick with the same numbers for a set number of draws. I mostly do one of either the Canadian, UK or Irish. Would I be better off sticking to just one countries lottery? I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Have asked on this forum about downloads etc for systems but as a newcomer to computing I find some of the information a little beyond me.:confused:
Tahnee, you are in the wrong thread


You should post this question in the UK or 6/49 threads. This one belongs to the Provincial Lotteries.
I am just wondering how do you play UK and Canadian Lotteries ?
It's like you are travelling back and forth :confused:


How much does it cost to play one line for Canadian 6/49 ? I hope you are not being ripped off cause here it costs only $1.00 canadian Dollar per LINE.


Thanks for your information Combo. My last entry to the Canadian lottery cost 59 canadian dollars for 18 draws through lotteryshop
am I being ripped off?:bawl:
How many lines ?


If you play 10 lines per draw for 6/49 that should cost you $10.00
multiply by 18 so that's $180.00 for 2 months. So if you are paying $59.00 for 2 months then there is something wrong here.
Otherwise all of us here would join that plan and save money :agree:


BC49 AUG 21

Combo & Dennis

moved the picks so we can try to keep them on the same page for clarity :)
Dennis Bassboss said:
O:K: LottoMaster gave me these 12 for next BC draw...
04-05-12-13-23-24-29-33-39-42-43-48..will see!!!
here's my short list:

due 07-21-33-34-39-43
oon 38-45-11-47-29-25
rep 39-08-24-10-06... oon and rep from Hi to Lo in past hits

I'll probably play all due, few top oons and one or two midpack reps.

Dennis, this just a suggestion : post your QB49 under the same thread until more step up ... we can split the threads then? Could use QB/BC 49 or like for header.

Good Idea Brado

Very good idea indeed.
Your numbers look promising especially the Due ones.
Numbers 25 you posted it as OON, I regard it as overdue.
But hey they look good and Mine are very similar :agree:


Yes Combo,

25 (and 4) has been out the longest, 24 draws (no bonus), but is also more likely to show than 23 as oon. Won't use it this time, as I usually consider the 1st three oons, unless of course those showed in my due line as well... had reasonable success using stats like these in the last month or so, we'll see if it continues. Noticed my luck skips a draw so I'm due for 3 or 4 tomorrow :D.


PS LottoMaster has both 4 and 23, should be interesting
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