August 31 Discussion


I see the jackpot did not go last time so now it is 5,000,000.00 I guess this week.

Hoping to see a higher range of numbers this time like 43 and some in the 30's..Just wishfull hoping and let hope it comes true...

Have a nice Lottery Week!:)


The Number 36 is due to hit real soon.

I also think that 16-22-43 are due to make a showing real soon..
As you can see from my picks below I only have one number that is due to hit.(43)...

Come on 43 and some in the 30's


That is what i want....:lol: :lol:

:beer: :smash: :uzi:


my thoughts

I have a feeling we won't see many lower numbers this draw. There may be a lot of 20's and 30's and only one in the 40's. I think it pretty well stays the same as this past Wed. draw. I've noticed most of our picks are very similar to what we played for Wed. Hopefully, the draw will go in that direction. :)
Beaker said:
It's time for these to make an appearance

I do like them.....and these 30s will hit with a vengence.....and Dennis will get them all....!!!On another spectrum .....the LDs 01 are lurking around....and beware of 46-47.....It is a hanging ghost! :eek: