Anything new to ADD!!

I have myself been on this website almost a year.I take all the himts for numbers
.I also check out all that is new.
I buy quick picks.Play colds and hots.I play numbers that r popular.
I have tried everything on this website.
Seems the lotteries sure have a mind of their own.
I was wondring .if there i naything new?
I am not a huge posting person more of a reader.
I am also grieivng the lose of my dad last week.So I might be playing with half of a brain.
Please add if there is anything.I can do to play better chances.thanks


Sorry to hear about your father....that's the worst when parents pass away....God Bless...

As for the Lotto, Don't know what to say....Maybe follow best hints for numbers.....
Maggie and Dennis and Beaker and others are good in that...So maybe take these numbers and wheel them..Who knows u might hit something decent..
I myself posted one number and it was bingo as well as Dennis he got 2 right...
For sure things will change, u can't lose all the time....


bigsis2uca said:
Seems the lotteries sure have a mind of their own.

The lotteries do have a mind of their own I guess.. WhY? CAUSE EVERY DRAW IS ISOLATED AND NOT DEPENDANT ON THE LAST.


P.S. bigsis2uca: I'm sorry to hear about your dad.
P.S. ComboManiac: Yes you can lose all the time.. LooK at MeeEeE! But every dog has his day I guess.. Maybe I'll win the $10M this Wednesday (June 25th)?
I hope someone on this website wins would be nice to say someone who put a lot of thought into this lottery .Did well.