Access help needed


Hi guys,
recently I moved to a new,better payed job position just to find out that knowledge of access is very preferable,and I know sod about it, so now I'll have to learn it huh :heul: , at least some basics to start with(and I thought that Excel would be enough :dang: )
Could someone recommend a good access tutorial, book or program,some downloadable e-book would be great as well.
Thanks a mill.




I use access all the time.. I keep my lottery databases in it, i've created 3 different databases that control inventory, invoicing and other crap in the store that i work in and one store down the road from us that is also owned by our store, and I also use a few access databases i've made to re-order stock for the store..

I never used any books to learn about it until i needed to know some detailed things while programming in vba for it. If you learn as well as i did from just playing with it then i would recommend looking through the sample database that comes with it, and experiment with some of the templates/wizards for making new databases..

The book i did eventually use (which i keep at work) is called "programming access 2000 blue book" (I think).. You can also tap into and get quite a bit of info there.. if you go there, click on library, then 'office solutions developement' you'll find some good stuff in there..