649 Lottery in S/Africa: Suggestions


Our 1st lottery results 48-21-38-29-3-12(11bonus)6 winners hit jackpot.

Any suggestions for next draw on 18/3
email to tjokka@xsinet.co.za

Lotto Tutor

Hi luckyfish,

Thanks for keeping us posted about your new lottery in South Africa. 6 people so far must be really glad that this lottery has commenced

Just a suggestion for number selections for a lottery that is starting out. Obviously there is no existing database to examine for patterns and trends (you will need at least 50 draws ... 100 is even better to analysis a lottery's "signature") but this situation offers another approach for number prediction.
For a 649 type lottery the average pool depth for all the numbers to eventualy show up is approximately 25. With this in mind, bet the numbers that have not yet appeared. After about 5 draws see if there are some hot numbers ... those that have shown up a few times and make combinations out of the emerging hot numbers and those numbers that have not yet hit. Also, because we are in a number starvation situation use the bonus numbers as well in your play slip configurations. Use a wheel to spread your numbers into bets and eliminate improbable occurrances such as more than 2 consecutive numbers, more than 3 odd or even, more than 2 in any particular tens group etc. Also keep the sums of the numbers between 108 to 190. As could be expected, the first draw's numbers fall into this area with a sum of 151 and an even spread of the other filter factors.
Another approach would be to print out the Harmonized 100 list (I have already filtered these number combinations to suit any 649 type lottery) and look for combinations of numbers that have not yet appreared in the new lottery and numbers that are emerging as hot, after you have enough of a draw history to determine whats hot.
The harmonized 100 offerred two chances for a three number winner in the first draw. The bets were #48 and #62. Just on a hunch, have a close look at the bet combinations between #48 and #62 and make your selections from any or all of those 15 lines, if you are going to use the harmonized 100.

Best of Lotto Luck to You and let us know if you win!


I play the South African Lottery online and have been succesful twice so far (albeit very small amounts!). Anybody else had any luck? :D



I have been running a syndicate since the SA Lottery started.

The syndicate itself has been successful, but so far there have been no big wins and we are running at an overall loss (about 30%).

At present we are entering 56 entries per draw ie R140 per draw and we buy for 10 draws at time.

The numbers we use are in a wheel which is changed from time to time depending on the number of entries and the mood.

There are presently about 20 members and the stake per draw per member varies between R2 & R16. Lower limit is R2/draw as it is too much work to allow lower stakes. There is no upper limit - the more the merrier.

Prize payouts are calculated on a share basis ie a Member's prize payout = (Member's stake/Total ticket cost) x Total Prize Money. eg in the above example if a person's stake = R14 and Total Prize money = R1000, that persons payout will be R100

There is no commission on prize payouts - this is against the law.

There is no administration charged on ticket purchases - my labour for admin is free and petrol to purchase tickets is free. If we hit big prizes maybe I'll get some tips! The only charges I foresee is if we hit big prizes is bank charges to make payouts to members. If the syndicate gets really big then I will probably have to charge a small amount to cover Printer Toner used in printing tickets.


No I do not have a Web site. Communication is mainly done by Email and information is sent out using Excel spreadsheets. Please let me have your Email address if you are interested and I will send you some information.

The next batch of tickets for the 10 Draws from Draw 379 on Saturday 7/8/2004 to Draw 388 on Wednesday 8/9/2004 will be purchased on Thursday 5/8/2004. Payment for tickets is needed by Wednesday 28/7/2004 or by Friday 30/7/2004 at the very latest, so if you are interested please phone me on my cell phone 084-5808093 (+2784 5808093)



Please can you send kokopelli's Email address to me?
Alternatively, please can you send my Email address to kokopelli?



Please can you advise if you sent my Email address to kokopelli?

I have not heard from him. I do not know if has my Email address and does not want to send mail to me.


luckyfish said:
Thanx for your reply.No luck yet.
Results of 2nd draw:46-1-32-47-35-7(bonus 36)


South Africa Lotto Plus
41 06 05 49 02 29 36

South Africa National Lottery
30 46 16 14 44 20 08