6/49 Discussions for October the 16

MysteryMan said:

I agree with You Dennis, these bonus draws are affecting the number distribution, I dont really like the idea about this bonus draw:mad:

What is hot is not as hot as it should be with these draws...The cold numbers are changing also!And the short term announcing numbers are less reliables.... :sick:


Originally posted by Dennis Bassboss Lets start this one here!
These Lds 08 really took us for a ride here....even in the bonus draws!
Yep, 18-28-38 ... who knew!

It was funny to see tonight something that I wondered after last night's Super7 draw... Wednesday's 6/49 had 26, and Super7 had 16-36, and so I said to myself... humm, that leaves 06-46 for LD 6's... and they showed up
Tonight I just went for some QP's, and also 6 picks of my own (played same for 6/49 and western 649). I just got a bunch of two's but did match 3+/6 one of the western 649's that I made up. :rolleyes:

I also played one of the 649 scratch and win, and asked the girl to show me one that had a 23 on it. Lo and behold, it was the only number to repeat tonight. I have to teach my gut feeling to yell louder :mad: :dizzy:

Next time :uzi:


Good observation Dwoods. LT might be happy to read that. Since the 1,11,21, and 41 have come up in Super 7 as of late, he just might see his 31 come in again soon for the 6-49. :D ;)


These bonus draws are the pits!! If they offered some secondary prizes, alot of us would have some winnings. So many of our picks are in these bonus numbers.



I only had one number last night. ONE! :mad:
Well maybe I will stop playing until the bonus draws are over.
This sucks!:dang: Nothing is how it should be right now.:(
Well I have a few days to the next draw maybe by then I will reconcider not playing.
I was looking back on numbers I have played since September and sure enough if i had played the same numbers that I played on September 28 I would have had several lines of 4/6.
Why do I torture myself like this?
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Those 20's

O.K those 20's have played 3 draws in a row now, maybe we will see the 30's or 40's these next few draws. I think I will play that 23 again although it has repeated twice already. The 24 came up the draw before last.
Normally I would also go after the 23-24 for the next and what comes usually with these and after these....but in this case because of the bonus draws....????? Unlike I did yesterday and until these bonus draws are done I will play a small random set of 7 or 6 numbers from a pool of 49 numbers for 6/49...If I would choose them from an already made small announcers pool or any other already made small pool(even an already made random one slightly larger)....They would not been at random at all because I would be showing a preference for this or that one...random is random.. so you can't decide for it the decision must be made randomly..even if grouping them in the higher spectrum might sounds logic (6/49 having a high numbers tendancy)....So knowing that even picking some numbers from an already small pool of numbers chosen at random is not at random at all...Because the minute you alter the randomness it is no longer at random any small set of numbers chosen randomly should be taken from a pool of 49 numbers..Especially if your ultimate goal is to compare such a set with some other ones not chosen randomly...even if it wouldn't prove anything...Everything has been proven already...Therefore next time I will post a small random set taken from a pool of 49 numbers not only taken from a pool of 10 numbers as it would not be at random..I won't post any Hints..(They would not be at random at all) or I might not play at all!!Doesn't mean that I'm not going to discuss or play other sets! AH! These bonus draws... :dang: :)
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Oct. 16 picks

Does anyone feel that 3 and 10 might be due for an appearance? I like 20-22 also.
Need to do some more work on this one I think!


Hi Clarity,

I like the 10 and 22 as well, but as I've been told in a prev.post, they are :cold: :cold:
But, hey, you never know,with the way these numbers have been playing out. You can expect almost anything now.:dizzy: :dizzy:


Re: Oct. 16 picks

Clarity said:
Does anyone feel that 3 and 10 might be due for an appearance? I like 20-22 also.
Need to do some more work on this one I think!

Clarity I'm with you with all those numbers-03 10 20 22.



I pick my 6 lines from a 12 number wheel. It is a garentee of 3/3 in 15 Lines but that becomes expensive so I just use 6 lines as it is much more affordable for me. If the jackpot grows to 10 Millon I then will use the other 9 Lines...

As for the 2 lines.. well I have 2 sets of Numbers I have been playing for years...
As you said in the other post " im not stupid, however i feel a little lost when i look at these messages saying that these are the numbers to play and how many lines your going to play them."

That s not what I am telling you to do.. this is what I am playing and you can play them if you like or not. This set of numbers seems to be a nice set and I have been using these 12 numbers for a while also .. they will show one of these days...

All the BEst and Have a nice day!

Sheba ..
Bones said:
Extrely fast and stealth with your picks. I smell a rose!:cool:
I agree here Gilles is following a very nice strategy here! :agree2: I'm sure that many of these numbers will come up soon ...It is a nice way to approach these draws ...same set draw after draw...playing the long term strategy....(My dancing set :dance1: already posted on this board somewhere) is doing that very same thing too!!

I also smell a rose here! And the advantage of these small sets is that I can play them too!
I would just love it if they hit and at a point I predict and anticipate that they will!


I can't figure out if these next few draws are going to be more low numbers than high ones. You would expect that the 30'and 40's would come into play but who really knows.
Maybe we will have more in the 1's than those 30's and 40's.
So I might play a few lines LOW and a few lines HIGH.
I think the 5 or 7 might be in here. Have no definate idea though.
What are your thouhgts ANYBODY???:confused: :rolleyes:



32 has not been drawn in the last 50 draws. 09 has not been drawn in 21. My program shows 43 and 10 as due(cold also). 10 is also up there for most frequent #s drawn in the last 50 draws. 02 is first with 11. It is also a hot #. I'll take 28 as a repeat. Toss all this in a pan with a dash of salt for 02 09 10 28 32 43.

How's that for a thought???:wavey:


Thinking about winning

Bones, good thoughts! I was looking at the bonus draws and looking at the regular draws and the only numbers in the low catagory that haven't come up, and I think i will play them, are the 2 AND 10 ! I think that they will show up somehow.
I like your thinking:agree:
I also think that that 32 is ripe to making a show here. I've been playing it the last few draws because it has to come up sometime.