3 May 2002 - $22 Million

First Congratulations to the winners here:agree2: Want to see why these discussions are helpfull?.....Take a look!!!

Dennis Bassboss said:
Could the 07 be the spoiler here???? Now you got me wondering...because it is kind of a ""rising on the occasion kind of number"".....I have to think about that possibility too....
According to my LD tracker 07 is very much alive but for some unknown reasons the 27-37 are on top 52% Beaker....this is puzzling....LDs 01 is at 49% but in the low numbers 11-21-31....
This is part of the reason that I like 41 so much....:confused:
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Looking at the previous Super 7 draws, 4 of tonight's numbers are repeating from 2 draws ago (Apr.19)... the 38, 43, 47 and 27 was the bonus.

Number 10 came back as the bonus from 5 draws ago, and only took 2 draws off before its' previous appearance (2 in a row, plus bonus). In the last 13 draws, it has shown 6 times (2 as bonus).



Goswinus' last set of numbers gets 4+bonus
I think that was gwen (and Gail) with 4+b/20...one of Goswinus' S7 sets got a 4/13...no matter, all three names start with a 'G' ;)

Congrats to all the winners ! :agree2: ...as for me, can't quit my day job yet :(
...do you know if someone got the pot?
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I won't quit my day job either...I got 2 out of 9 here but I am happy because I played the correct decades I expected to see a high draw and it did....my hints were off target but I'll stike back hard.....:agree:


No big winners for us tonight but this draw is a slightly better than the previous one- more members got 4 numbers, 4 + B (Congrats). Surely that 41 is gonna hit next.


JACKPOT ALERT! $24 million

May 10th Jackpot is $24 million

Let's start crunching some numbers!:wavey:
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