Good Idea Brado

It looks like Dec 7 is the day for Combo 10 with my friend here.
On Monday I will be sure 100%....If you guys wanna join let me know...And we have to get LT to help with exchanging emails or addresses for the MONEY.....

As for the LT's book, yes we have to play those numbers like 2 draws in advance at least because I have been burned many times for not doing that...

Man LA is a great predictor like lotto 97 ONLY in producing 3 or 4/6 on a SINGLE LINE.....They can't do combos whereas WH could do that but no consistent results...
LA Will Rule why ?

Ok I asked LA to give me few lines For Nov 20 and Nov 23 and I noticed a trend here with consistency..
Nov 20--> 11-14-26-30-38-39
Nov 23--> 11-14-26-42-47-49

Now can you imagine Had I combined both lines for tonite's draw let's say AW 9_30..The result would have been a decent victory of matching multiple 4/9 or even a 5/9 match what a shame..

Ok let me compare Nov 23 predictions and the one for the upcoming draw..Note that I am using the many filters unlike b4 that's why I am getting decent results.


daleks said:
have doubled all the 0's, each of those has an 11 or 35 with it, then treeing the 4's and 6's...

for example 10,40 + 11 or 35, then


and using then 37,38,39, as the highest number, not going into the forties at all.......following my own advice, so confidence is high:cool: :D

managed to get 3/6 4 times, and 4/6 5 times so am up a little bit.....

did not look at ur posts, brad and combo....maybe should have, the 42 just jumps out at me.......now,, here comes sunday afternoon football.............and the grey cup......:)


Great going daleks, 290 bucks :agree2: ... I'm kinda steamed I didn't look at the 11 or 30 more closely, they were in my long list ... still learning I guess.