www.thelotter.com - genuine?


Hi I'd like to play worldwide lotteries (from the UK) but I've no idea how genuine the online lottery companies are. Has anyone used the above company? Or any advice for a genuine online company to play with?
Many thanks!


uk lottery

Hi, the lottery site you were looking at does not allow you to play the uk national lottery, you can enter online but i,m not sure it can be played from overseas, i will find out for you, you could join our sydicate if you wish, it costs £4.00 per week and goes into a pool of 49 entries and you pay by credit card on the net, inital joining fee is £4.00 and we also ask for an inital £20.00 back up aswell just in case your card doesn't get debited for some reason, so you always know you will be in the next four draws, and there is two draws each week, wednesday and saturday.



Typical........New Zealand has been left off the world again :bawl:

And we have better odds?

6/40 + 2B and for the power ball only need to select a number between 1 and 8 :D