WinHunter trials and triumphs, jump in we need help!!


Keeping this thread separate from Picks/Disc'n but please join us in an effort to get a better understanding of this promising program :wavey:
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Do you know how to fill out the windowns in WH optimizer for Perki stuff..I only know the weight.....What is eliminate/count ?


I take it you're at step 7 ? ... double click ANY of the top 5 options ... you only have to do one of the 5 displayed, but change all '25' to '10' within it. When you're done d. click on any other (except Perkisize ... that should be left unchecked) ie: Count or Count/Elim. or Skip etc. and you'll see all the values that were prev. 25 are now reset too. The rest is straight forward ... except my prog keeps crashing when it starts going thro the draws the second time :sick:
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Sorry ... that's what I thought, credit my temp. confusion to cerebral flatulence :D

Eliminate count ... I think that's the D group of draws that don't contribute to Perk'd numbers, ie: draws 11-13 from the 16 used to gather the nrs (as per Perkis' example) ... pls double check with Andrew as I havn't tried that yet.


Bear with me a bit ....I am gonna get you some settings that gave a result of 3/9 thanks to Perkis addition as a processor.
Haven't done Test yet..
Here they are

Prediction was 09-11-13-24-25-31-32-46-47 !!

Filter : Draws to Bypass 1
draws to use 18
Cycle on count 0
Cycle off count 0

Perkis : Count 3
count/elim 3
Count 4
Skip 3
Elim 3
Weight 2

Position Gap :

Gap weight 2
Max Gap 3
Predict position gap 2

MatchScan 2

Previous Dwgs : Prev Draws 18
Previous weight 2
Scoring method Simple

Compound Hit : Overdue 2
Not recent weight 1
Hit span 0
Repeatib weight 1
Under tot repeat 1
max repeat 1
max repeat weight 1

Pair low weight 1
pair Avg weight 2
pair high weight 1
use scaling NO

Selector : Method high
Type exclu
Min to select 8

I found this result amazing as WH managed to get that 46-47 !!
as for 24-25 it's weird but hey it can happen later on like 2 draws or even next one who knows.
And that 31-32 is a great selection as they are both above avg...
Now I have a feeling this prog might rise and catch 3/10 or 4/10 quite often.
What do you think ?


Shoot, that looks promising ... my prob is that I keep crashing as I mentioned bfr. How many draws do you have in you data base and do you use them all?


Have 1149 dr ... when I did the homework WH went through all once, then when it got to dr 50 next time around ... Runtime error "9" subscript out of range

Maybe it's my settings, I'll try yours and see if there is a diff ... it'll have to wait till tomorrow tho...
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I didn't do the homework..These were just my settings now...TEst later tomorrow or so.....

Hey 1000 Posts for you...I used to have 80 + above yours but I lost interest in between :beer: :yes: :thumb:


OK ... I'll separate this thread so that we can keep going without cluttering Prov Picks etc. ... see ya

PS Thanks, I didn't even notice the 1K ... you'll be there soon ... actually we're both past since we lost a few while back,


remember when I told you it took 6 different sets of numbers to achieve 3/9 in 2.28, well in 0.14 it took only one set to do it !!
And the perki method could be easily achieved when selecting LOW, it gives us all the 14 cursed numbers !!
Now the question is what are we gonna get if we asked for 18 numbers like Florie ??
Would we get 5/18 or perhaps 4/18 ? Haven't done that yet.
in AW 18 we must at least play 60 lines.


Thread Titles are screwy


Just saw your post ... may want to move it here ... something muddied up when I changed the titles around, hope LT can sort it out or my name is MUD :dang:


My lottoBuddy picked 26-29-31-34 for upcoming FW 8..
They are all hot I guess. My picks might be 09-14-17-39 what do you think ?
plus I still have to pick AW 10 for Group. Maybe this one I should increase the cold dose as things can't stay the way they are..



I don't need to shine, just wanna win ... anything :D but thanks just the same.
And the perki method could be easily achieved when selecting LOW, it gives us all the 14 cursed numbers !!
That's great 'cause it'll save me from writing a prog ... will try it as soon as I fix my BC data ... CN49, Florida, etc. all work ok, must have a bug in BC tho I have narrowed it down to last 50 draws, will keep you posted.

Have not yet looked at picks for next draw, L8R

PS ... LT, thanks for sorting out my mess :wavey: