why has my post been deleted????


this is total nonsense anyway here are the most probable 6/49 numbers for oct 12 01-04-05-112931-34-36-46 pay close attention to 11-29-34


Not deleted, just moved to the right thread

Hi underdog,

we appreciate you're new here, we were all there once. If you look at the BB you'll usually see threads for upcoming draws ... one for discussions and one for picks. We try to separate them for clarity since there are many ppl posting. Sometimes a thread gets missed thereby duplicated so either the members copy and move posts around or the administrator, LT by name, does the cleanup. It's happened before and probably will again, no big deal ... just look around I 'find' yourself.

Cheers and good luck in today's draw, keep posting !!

PS. New Thread is for starting a new topic, Post Reply is for joining in a Thread already in progress, if you get stuck just ask :agree:
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no problem brad i sure hope folks copied down those 12 numbers that were there as i only played 9 of them and re posted just the 9