where does the money go? show your countries tax, / payout %


hi thought a thread listing what percentage goes where in our local lottos mite be good for comparisons,. so i'll do australia under this heading



man, this is all i could find on their website, so far. i'll come edit when i can find agents comission

The Commission, as a gambling operator, is required to pay one eleventh of net gambling revenue (NGR),
defined as gross sales less total monetary prizes, direct to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
so we pay tax on the purchase, not the prize.

prob our most played game, with more entries than the odds of winning it off every week.
6/45 +2 bonus balls,

the breakup fo prize money to divsions is

60 % of the total entry fees received for each draw (or such greater amount as the Commission determines) will be allocated as the prize pool.

Division 1—26.2 % of the prize pool.
Division 2—6.7 % of the prize pool.
Division 3—12.4 % of the prize pool.
Division 4—21.1 % of the prize pool.
Division 5—33.6 % of the prize pool.

also note

12.1. If there is no Division 1 prize winner, that portion of the prize pool that would have been payable to a single Division 1 winner in that draw will be added to or jackpotted with the Division 1 prize money in the next draw. This jackpotting will continue for no more than 4 consecutive draws. If there is no Division 1 prize winner in the next (or 5th) consecutive draw, the total amount of the jackpot and the Division 1 prize that would have been payable to a single winner in that 5th draw will be added to the prize money allocated to the next lower division in which there is a winner


The prize fund allocation comprises the following percentages of net sales (sales revenue less agents’ commission)
for the following games:
• 5.0 percent for Lotto and SA Lotto;
• 3.5 percent for Oz Lotto and Super 66;
• 2.5 percent for Powerball;
• 2.0 percent for The Pools.
These funds are distributed from time to time as additional prize money in the respective games.



As for the tax,I only know its not payed on the winnings and thats the way it should be.:agree:

50% of total payment per round is distributed in this way:

LOTO 7/39+
(the most popular one,although odds of winning are higher,but prizes are higher as well):

1. "seven-JP" - 30%

2. "six plus bonus" - 5%

3. "six" - 15%

4. "five" - 15%

5. "four" -35%

LOTO 6/45+

1. "six-JP" - 25,0%

2. "five plus bonus" - 5,0%

3. "five" - 15,0%

4. "four" - 17,5%

5. "three" -37,5 %

If there is no div 2 winner: "six plus bonus" or "five plus bonus", that amount is allocated to div 3. Same applies for other divs,but only theoretically, in practice it never happened.
Jackpot rises until someone gets his/her hands on it, hopefully I'll be one of them someday :dizzy: , there are no limitations.