Could someone point me to some wheel resource??

I'd like to learn more about wheeling, first the basic stuff and then the more advanced stuff like the math and such!

Does anyone know of some good place to where I can learn this stuff??


Hey Thornc,
I don't think i can place a url but if you do a search on "peters wheels" this guy has a lot of them to offer. SHould be enough to get you going. I once found a site with what he called fractal wheels but it seems to have disappeared but it was extremely interesting, i'm trying to re-create them but still have a ways to go. Good luck


grape & thornc,

that is a great site for wheels, links to other good sites also.
You'll find the url in 'free lotto stuff' at the bottom of this page.


Nick Koutras is a member here. He has developed some wheeling software using Excel. I believe he has some articles at his site describing covering designs. Probably worth a look :agree:


I think LT wouldn't mind if the link posted would only point to
wheeling resources... not to another BBS or something like that!

Anyway thanks for the suggestions!
I didn't want wheels to use, I wanted information on how wheels are built and the links at thre free stuff should cover it!
Some Tech Papers...

Some links for construction
of wheels...

http://www.lottodesigner.150m.com/Articles/STS with GA.ps

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I have a great collection of such papers.
Most are of a techical nature.

If you wish you can email me
and if so I can send you a collection of such papers.

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I think those will do for now!

Thanks for your post Nick...

At the moment I'm only looking at those Perkis Wheels, they seem interesting but I know of the limitations!