Wheel system for 14 tickets


Me and a friend are together for loto 6/49. Presently i use Windows Lotto Pro 2002.

We are using a full 7 numbers twice a week for $14 weekly.

We found the the numbers choose is a bit narrow but if the numbers are drawn then we gain a lot.

I was thinking of using a wheel with more numbers but again with 14 tickets. So how many numbers i should use and what will be the way to make the combination ?

Their is so many way to make a wheel (except for a full wheel) abreviate wheel only give few of all the combination with these numbers.

Anyone can give us some hint and wheeling combination for our budget ?



Salut Sylvain,

If I understand correctly, you buy 7 tickets per draw? If so, you may want to check out Nick-A-Quid also known as Nick Koutros. I don't have the URL handy but you can find him via Lotto-Logix as far as I know (just do a web search on Lotto-Logix). He offers 9 ticket wheels for various number pools so you will hopefully find one that fits. Obviously, these are mostly abbreviated wheels but there's no way around that.

Hope this helps...