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Members Categories ?

In another thread a couple of members have put forward some good ideas concerning how the membership categories should be assigned.

dwoods suggests
<< I'd like to suggest you change the 'Senior member' to require 100 posts, and create a new one called 'Active member' that requires 30 posts.>>

sch2000 suggests
<< Or let 'Super Senior Member' be more like an honerable title, for people really has a sharp taste for the numbers (Like dennis or some other people I may not get chance to know yet), 5/20, 4/10 come out often, and remind people pay attention to their predictions!! Like me often come out with 1+B/20, maybe finally I could reach 300 posts, but it might be embarassing to be called 'Super Senior Member' - , Just a thought! >>

Here is how it is now:

Junior Member requires 0 Posts
Member requires 5 Posts
Senior Member requires 30 Posts
Super Senior Member requires 300 Posts

Before I make changes, does anyone else have any suggestions? or good ideas :idea:


Dwoods suggestion is good, sch2000's idea also has merit - it may be valid to consider helpfull contributions rather than 'just posting nrs' ones before Super Senior status is awarded


Time should somehow be a factor too.

One may post a couple a week so it will take a while to become a 'Senior Member'.
A person may be new and post more than 30 in less than a week and be a 'Senior Member'..... :confused:

Someone should have some time in posting before they can become a 'Senior Member', even after posting more than 30.
I'd say 6 months.... at least!

Anyone else have suggestion for a time limit?