We'll here is a number I dreamed about!!

Unverisal Number..maybe within the Canada land this number will hit!! After all I did see it in my dreams! Good Luck and remember to always Box your Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers..


The Predictor Genie:wavey:


Ontario pick 3 May 22,02

These numbers have popped up today about 6 times..I got into work at 8:07...my shopping on my way home added up to $8.07 and I found my kid playing in apt 708 today when I got home....and we just now bought a pizza and it was $18.07 sooooooo here is my numbers for tonights Ontario pick 3.........078 BOX....
Excellent!! I like that number!!

You see, it doesn't matter! as long as your thinking about the numbers they just might hit!!:dizzy:


Ontario pick 3 tonight was 141, yesterday was 484.

Quebec pick 3 tonight was 805, yesterday was 583.
Quebec pick 4 tonight was 9238, yesterday was 7360.

Western Canada pick 3 tonight was 937, yesterday was 372.

BC daily 3 tonight was 025, yesterday was 269.
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Maybe, Dreams aren't always true??

Indeed, I wasn't even close. Remind me to fire my dream master.

Nice to talk with you!!

Thank you for the results as well...

Todd Kelly:eek: