Weight of lotto balls and draw machines


I would like anybody if possible to tell me if different ballsets and machines can have an influence on the draw. In South Africa we have 5 ballsets and three draw machines.

On every big draw a specific ballset nl. 12 is used. Untill now 250 draws later it was used only 5 times.


Welcome kobus1,

we used to have a player from SA but he hasn't posted in awhile :(

Weights/machines are identical for us here in Canada and unfortunately for us we don't know how many machines or ball sets there are. It is all an attempt to get as random as possible.

You have an advantage - the SA lotto lists the machine and ball set used for the draw.

It would be interesting to see if there are any bias's (hope that's a word) in those sets :agree:


Thanks for replaying

If i knew how to attach a spreadsheet you will see that it appears as if certain balls fall in the same sequel in different drawings.