Website crashing???


This website is crashing. I've tried posting replys to Silly Alien and to Peter re Encore. To make it short, you two, I'm playing heavy on Encore with the 3 host draws being WTA, S7, and Lottario.

I then am playing the 6-49 as usual with delta numbers from 1 to 15 on most lines.
This is what is causing my bad spelling....crashsite
Depending on your connection (phone line or cable) you have to be a bit patient with this site sometimes. It can get slow. Try never to use the "Back arrow" on your browser to go back after trying to post something, as this will cause duplicate and even triplicate posts as we've seen with Flipper. I have cable and even I have slowdowns once in a while. When I post something, it just freezes up on me. Just try clicking on the last command that you clicked on, but NOT the "Back" key. That seems to get it going again.


On the other hand, it could be a conspiracy against Flipper.

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