Watch the clerk at the store!!


When checking your tickets at the store, make sure that the clerk tells you the whole story. You might win a free play on the Encore plus $20 for 2 sets of 3 numbers. I've caught the clerk trying to just give me the free ticket while putting the $20 in her pocket.
So, if they can screw you, they will. Just a thought!!
I know you can't be bothered, Flip, but it's always best to check your tickets yourself. 69 is not a huge number to go through. Just think of the people that have 200-400 tickets or even more, and they do it without blinking. At your regular daytime job, do you regularly trust someone else to make your money for you? Probably not. You make your money yourself. The same principle should follow in lottery. Think of it this way: you giving your tickets to the store clerk without knowing what's on them is the same as mailing all your tickets to the Ontario Lottery Corporation and waiting for them to honestly send back your winnings. If you ever do that, make sure to keep photocopies of all tickets and send them registered mail.
To come to the store clerks' of the world defence, I personally have never had a dishonest one, where it comes to lotteries. In fact, they have made a mistake in My favor before, by undercharging me for tickets.



I work as a sales clerk at a 7-11 and when we validate a ticket for someone, we are required to give the person the validation slip from the machine so they can see for themselves whether or not they have won. We also have the machines that a customer can use to check their own tickets and find out whether they are winners or not. That way, you only have to give the winning tickets to the clerk. So if the clerk doesn't give you the validation slip, it's perfectly alright to ask for it.


Flipper ! Do you have in Ontario the automatic payout system? Here in Québec ,all
you have to do is filled a form and put your numbers on it. You send your form with your money($$$$ to help your understanding) to pay for your tickets ( you can pay for one year in advance)to the Lotto Corporation . If you win they are sending you a check for the total earning of each month.
This way no clerk anymore!

Hope you understand this one Flip might be helpfull to you my long time dear friend!