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Go to this site and download this free prog. It's wicked and has tons of filters to your likings ;)
<< Hi CM .. the link to that site has been deleted ... I've sent you an email re why ... LT >>
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Yes LT


Thanks for the long lenghy explanation which I agree with.
I sent that guy an email re: help as the filters are not that clear and that I need some help, but no reply.
The prog seems to be nice as it managed to get 4/17 in the first trial for BC/49 based on "Overdue numbers" (that is my approach for BC/49). But it failed for 6/49 that's why I need to understand the filters more thouroughly.
Cheers. :wavey:


Most humblest appologies

Dear ComboManiac,

I am in the midst of a programming nightmare, not to mention trying to keep up with several other tasks and shuffling emails between work and the free site. I do not normally blatantly ignore emails, or any other types of questions for that matter. I usually watch the news group most of all to see if anyone has posted anything about WINHunter.

It seems I have gotten off on the wrong foot with LT as well. I am a sole developer writing winhunter. WINhunter is free for several reasons:

(1) More users will want to try it out
(2) Other developers can help out
(3) I can quit developing whenever I want

WINHunter is released as opensource. So if I give WINHunter up, it lives on without me. I have made every attempt to empower the user and allow them the ability to make WINHunter grow. There is a document included with WINHunter that explains how WINHunter works. Anyway...

WINHunter works like this:


The Stack is merely a collection of Groups, with the final output being after the final Selector from the final group is run. A group cis a collection of Filters, each filter's final score being totalled and then passed to the Group's selector function. Each Filter is a collection of Processors and Triggers. You can only have one type of each processor within a Filter, but you can activate all the possible processors within Each filter. The filter controls which drawings from the history are being processed. Each individual processor has it's own set of function variables which can also be adjusted, including the actual score value (wieght) that is given to each number that passes (or fails) that processor's test. In otherwords, you can increase the score values for a particular processor, so that it has more Wieght in the final outcome of that Filter's output. You can effectively create many prediction methods by simply applying different filter structures. There is so much more I could explain, but this is just a very simple explaination of how it all works together. If you want to know how a particular processor works, let me know which one it is, and I will do my best to tell you exactly how it scores the numbers that it sees.

Andrew, no need to apology


Your prog is great and it has the potential to crack 6/6 or 5/6 unlike others but some terms need clarification ( explanation).
For example "the selection method" what is the difference between "low, high, average, inverted average" ?
I have more questions but later til I get more grip.
Thanks in advance.



Think I'm getting a handle on the file loading for WINHunter. For some reason prog won't read my no-bonus files but it will read CALFANTASY5 with 5 nrs. no bonus (and mega spaces between nrs ) :confused: . Don't think the bonus figures in calculations, shoud confirm that with Andrew.
Date can be any format as long as 'Spaces in Date' is entered ie:
_600_Sat 22 Sep 2001 01-02-03... enter 5
1__10/06/01 1 2 3...enter 3 etc., zero for my files.
I think the draw order has to be reversed, most recent date on top. Will read nrs separated by spaces or hyphens but not commas, will read singles as 01 or 1.
Once they're in Tools use my Bc49 and Cn49 with bonus, reversed, if you still need them. You can drop them to WINHunter history folder.
So the prog did not crap out afterall, just didn't like the files I was feeding it. Wonder if it will handle Super 7?
I have questions for Andrew as well, can try the prog now, will have more I'm sure.
Cheers :beer:

PS. Made printed copies of the Help Desk files, find it easier to view that way.

Note - files are in the new Winhunter section, not in Tools,

thanks LT !
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Thanks for the files for WinHunter. the 6/49 really helped as it's a long way entering 20 years of numbers :D
I am working on Super 7 files so don't do anything now cause we all have to help :agree2:



Tried S7_nb_rev with Winhuter, it loads the file but gives a run time error and shuts down when I try to run it. We'll have to ask if it's designed to analyse 7 nrs (thought I read somwhere it was).
My best guess for using reversed files is because all the hist. files downloaded with the program were set up that way. What puzzles me is the draw no. displays incorrectly at end of loading and also with Predict-Stop At Drawing, which would suggest that we don't need to reverse the file order. My question list is growing, Andrew will be swamped :D ... what did you load?
If you need to reverse S7 for your other prog(s), Salius' download 'Updown' works well.


Ps. did you know the new WINHunter section has just opened? I'll move this post there so we don't catch the wrath of Sheba ! :D
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Just started a thread in the winhunter section for this so we can keep this section for other software questions and discussions..:)