variable systems


I 'm looking for a lotto program capable
of producing minimum variable systems
(or near minimum).
In case my description is unfamiliar , I mean
when you have for ex. 6 coreect guesses and
the system guarantees a 5 win.
Anybody who knows ?

Hi Nick,

To a degree most programs do what u ask. The problem is picking the numbers so that they come out in that wheeling system so that you match the requirements. Some system`s are often very expensive to get a match 5 guareentee, the best package that I can suggest is windows lottery pro. This has the best interface and functions of a program that I have found. Try everything that u can download and then see for yourself what u need. If you need a free ticket checker which require excel then please visit my website, it checks 6/49 lotteries.

With regards

Scorpion WsM