Use the bonus number to predict the numbers.

Which Numbers to use in the Bonus number Method??

  • 150 numbers

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • 10 numbers

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • 2 numbers

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • 1 number

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The is another method of predicting the numbers...the BONUS NUMBER.

YOU can search for it at Bonus number Method .

I was tipped by one guy here in the forum..I'm not sure if it still at the site....

Anyway this how it works...

you must get the numbers in drawn order otherwise you will not be able to tell the diff.

The method is like a wheel were you concentrate on the first and last number (Bonus been the last ball).

Get your last 150 draws(drawn order - as come out of the machine) of your 6/49 game and I will do a demo for you here in the forum.

Otherwise read about it on the url above...

Cheers for Now,


'...there is no winning without vibratility...."

Start reading some of the strategies in this site. You might learn something :agree:

... and why guess at the number of draws to use. write some code and do the analysis :dang:

Tell you one BIG problem with this strategy - long-shots, ie numbers from 10 or more draws out. They hit - alot.



I'm trying to make this more interesting cos' the only way to learn as this strategy is very dificult... has three quards..

1). Quard1 contains the SS numbers(Seven by Seven)
2). Quard2 contains All numbers related to the Bonus Number.
3). Quard3 contains all numbers related to the first number.

Why do you need about 150 draws???Answer:The SS numbers are hard to crack and you need as much draws as possible.

This just in short....Seee you later..




The strategy above have trap inner circle called IQ,which decides how the three quards will behave.

Some facts:

Quard1(q1) produces 100%(all 7 Numbers) of winning numbers.
Quard3(q3) produces the pairs of ending digits with 100% accuracy.
Quard2(q2) produces 80%(all 5 numbers) of winning numbers...normally that's were your bonus Number will come in the next draw.

Let see how I came up with my winning numbers in the last draw of.....:

q1 = [too big to play] ..empty list
q3 = [26,47,37] ..three numbers
q2 = [01,21,12,42,14,35,36,47,40] ..nine numbers

Now q3 has ending digits 47-37 as pair.

q1 is empty because of the 7x7 numbers agreed to each other.
q2 must produce 5 numbers..

you can either play all the 9 numbers from q2 or combine them with q3 and putting 47-37 as your define pair.From 11 numbers you will play 8 combinations.

The results did not come as a surprise, as this is normal to me..

The results: [21 - 37 - 04 - 36 - 15 - 47 BB 14]

Let me email you my winning ticket :wavey:


i like to view the method of predicting the numbers...the BONUS NUMBER but seen that the url is not around anymore, so will u be able to mail me the method to me at <<< email addy removed - the posting of any contact info is not allowed in these forums - thanks >>> and last of all does the method worrk for singapore toto. Thk
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Hi Howzat

Can you please explain in plain English how it works, or I can give you a link where you can upload all the details for me. BTW the URL that you gave, sorry but it does not work.

BlouBul :cool: