URGENT WINHunter Update!


I am busy gearing up a test distribution server for testing purposes. If you have not yet downloaded WINHunter, please watch for the next update release.

In the meantime, please consider jumping aboard the Distributed WINHunter gang. The Distributed WINHunter will allow faster optimizations of Filters than what is currently possible on a single PC. Also, this will form a database of tested configurations for known history files. Even if you don't understand WINhunter or any of it's concepts, you can help contribute to the cause of finding the best solution to predicting a given lottery.

Just watch the WINHunter General Discussion section for the next release of WINHunter!



Current Testing Status...

With a few minor changes to the server and some changes to WINHunter, testing is going very smooth at the moment!

For those WINHunter users who wish to participate, simply follow these instructions:

1> right click the WINHunter Icon in the treeview, and click DISTRIBUTED CLIENT.

2> Then click GET SERVER LIST at the bottom.

3> Once the Server file is updated, then go back to WINHunter, rightclick it again, click DESTRIBUTED CLIENT, then click CHANGE SERVER.

4> then click the [...] button... Either one of two things will happen...

A> WINHunter will crash
B> you will see WINBASE in the Remote available servers in the left hand pane. Select it, click the [+] button, then click the down arrow on the combo box at the top of the form ("SELECTED LOCAL SERVER FOR LOGIN")

5> IF #4 above went ok, then click [CONNECT]

6> Next you will have to Login, be sure to add yourself as a new user. From here, just follow the help file for connecting to the Server.