Updating Fuzzy


Hi Geenie,

I tried the Fuzzy program. It gets my vote however...

I'd like to know how to update the datadase. It's only upto Dec21,2002.

It seemed I could update it myself through MicrosoftAccess.
Any time I try to I get a message...

"You can't make changes to the database objects in the database
This database was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Access."

It then asks me if I want to convert it. I did once but the program didn't understand the database afterwards.

Did anyone manage to update the database themselves? How?


I tried converting their database, importing my database of numbers and converting it back to their prior version of access but the first number in their "canadian lotto" column appears to be some sort of encryption. I get the error "Encryption key failure - you need to download a database"

if you can decypher what their encryption is then this method would work..