Unclaimed Prize Money...


Time is running out for $2-million Lotto 6/49 prize August 09, 2002

Time is running out for the ticket-holder of a Lotto 6/49 prize worth $2 million.
The ticket was sold in the southern part of Kent County, N.B. for the Aug. 22, 2001 draw. Since lottery winners have one year from the draw date to claim a prize, the ticket will expire on Aug. 22, 2002.
The lucky ticket was the only winning ticket sold in Canada that correctly matched all six numbers for the Aug. 22, 2002 draw: 5, 13, 15, 28, 31, 34.

"The lucky winner has only a few weeks left to claim the prize, so we're urging everyone who may have purchased a ticket in this area last August to dig through their purses and cupboards," said Robert Bourgeois, spokesperson for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. "The ticket is out there somewhere."
This would become the largest unclaimed prize in ALC history and officials are hoping someone will come forward before Aug. 22.

"At the moment, the largest unclaimed prize is for $100,000. We would love to give this jackpot prize away to a lucky winner," said Mr. Bourgeois.

Prizes that are unclaimed after one year from the draw date go to the unclaimed prize fund until such time they are returned to players in the form of prizes.
Since its inception in 1976, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation has returned more than $3.5 billion in prizes on traditional tickets, and more than $3.5 billion in profit to the four provincial shareholders.
Maybe it's OURS Sheba

Most likely no one will come forward therefore we would be entitled to a Bonus draw :D
It almost happened here in BC a year ago I believe. The lady just showed up a week b4 the deadline. But on the other hand there was unclaimed ticket just after that incident, and the holder of that ticket never showed up. That was 1,000,000 :mad:
Then our beloved Lottery Corp decided to give a bonus in that stupid scratch games. So I sent them a nasty email and they never replied of course.


Currently there's still an unclaimed Super7 ticket worth $8.75 million from April 19, 2002 (6-17-19-37-38-43-47 B27 -- talk about LD 7's !) :dizzy:


No, I don't... they don't say from where. I saw it listed in the monthly lotto booklet they put out (western canada) which lists all previous numbers for the past year.