UK Lottery Player wants to play US Big Game

My name is Michelle and I am from the UK. I want to play the US
Powerball or the Big Game. Will some kind pen pal in the US assist me
buying the tickets? and send it to me in the UK

I will of course send you the money for the tickets and postage
before you make the purchase.

In return, if you so desire, you can play the UK lottery also with my
help. I can post you the UK Lottery tickets.

If you are interested please e-mail me at

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I do appreciate any replies.

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Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the bulletin board.
There are many web sites that let the visitors purchase lottery tickets through their services. I'll search around and try to find a link to a web site that sells tickets to the Powerball or the Big Game.

thank you

thank you for your reply but I prefer to get someone in the US to physically purchase and post it to me. I don't trust these websites. I have seen most of them and they seem rather unreliable.


Michelle .. you know that you cannot post email addresses on this bulletin board or post duplicate threads. Your other threads have been deleted ... last warning.

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thanks Michelle ...

I'm sure between all of us here we can find a web site link that is reliable and trustworthy as a place to play the games. Even if you did connect with an individual directly they may not be trustworthy as well. What I mean is you could meet a stranger o the Internet that would take your money for the tickets and maybe just keep it?



International tickets Attn LT


Like you I am interested in buying international tickets, and am having great difficulty. Trying to find anyone who has or does buy tickets on line.
Did you have any success???

LT did you find any good sites?? :gift:



Hi MonHun

Check out this page:

In the gambling section it lists tickets for the Australian (you don't need that one), German, Euro and UK lotteries.

Unfortunately I have not come across a place to play the Big Game :(
I think that it may not be legal to play many lotteries out of state let alone out of country and I'm sure that it is not legal to transfer or sell real lotto tickets by US Post.

Anyone know more about this issue?

BTW your avatar is perfect for someone from "Down Under" :D